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IMACS has been such an integral part of Chase’s path to success in math and in developing his problem solving and critical thinking skills. His experience in Math Enrichment has been such a positive one. During the past several years he’s not only learned math skills, but also responsibility, time management, communication skills and how to think outside of the box. IMACS has played such a huge role in Chase’s success both in and outside of school. We are grateful for how organized the program is, for the committed instructors and the time and attention Chase has been given. We can’t wait for our two younger sons to follow in his footsteps and start their IMACS journeys soon.

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Sometimes, the conventional educational path doesn’t quite align with individual passions. When the traditional school curriculum couldn’t fully engage Michael’s passion for math, we turned to IMACS not merely for acceleration, but for enrichment. Their emphasis on logic and puzzles provided a distinct avenue for nurturing his enthusiasm for the subject, offering a supplementary educational experience that didn’t compete with, but rather complemented, his school studies. IMACS became more than just a means to accelerate; it became a unique platform where Michael could delve deeper into his interests and feel genuinely challenged, fostering his ongoing love for mathematics.

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My children have just started the IMACS program this school year and I am already impressed with the results. It has helped my children improve their math skills as well as build their self confidence and improve their problem solving skills. I highly recommend IMACS for any elementary student.

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As an IMACS student, I saw posters featuring IMACS graduates, many of whom mentioned that their college peers were struggling with concepts they had already covered at IMACS. What I previously dismissed as an exaggeration, has become my reality as a freshman in Harvard’s CS50 class. As the professor and TA discuss  functions, type defs, and binary trees, topics I mastered at IMACS, I realize that IMACS has equipped me so well that I’m essentially reviewing familiar material in college.

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I want to take a moment to express my profound gratitude for the invaluable insights and erudition you’ve shared throughout your UCS1, UCS2, LM1, and EMF courses. The comprehensive curriculum has greatly enriched my academic journey here at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

The intricacies of algorithms, object-oriented programming, and mathematical proofs have been explained with a clarity and depth that I once believed unattainable. Your teaching approach, skillfully blending problem-solving with practical application, has deepened my appreciation for the complexities of both mathematics and computer science.

I consider myself exceptionally fortunate to have had the privilege of benefiting from your extensive knowledge and teaching prowess. As I continue to progress in my academic and professional pursuits, the foundational principles you’ve instilled in me will undoubtedly serve as a cornerstone for future projects.

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I am so thankful for IMACS! My 8 year old son has been part of IMACS for three years. He loves math but is bored during math class at school. It’s been wonderful to see him excited about math during IMACS classes. IMACS is engaging and fun, while still challenging. When he gets home from school he loves logging on to IMACS and completing the worksheets before his next session. As the parent of a child who loves math and does not feel challenged in school I appreciate that a program like IMACS exists.

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IMACS is not a traditional math teaching platform. It is a place for creativity and fun all while nurturing the love for math. My son learned a lot from it! IMACS methods widens the logical thinking process, an important and crucial aspect while learning math. I am so glad that we chose IMACS for my son’s math learning journey!

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We just wanted to reach out to thank the IMACS team for the wonderful enrichment experience Owen received this year. We saw such great development in his math skills, critical thinking, and problem solving. His end-of-year report card came home today and his math benchmark scores rose from the 89th percentile to the 98th percentile. While this is just one data point and there are many factors that contribute to learning, we are positive that IMACS played a significant role in Owen’s growth and success. Thank you for all you do!

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IMACS not only provided me with the necessary foundational knowledge to succeed in software engineering but also taught me to problem-solve like an engineer, which are tools I heavily relied on in my NASA project.

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There is no better gift than watching both my girls solve an IMACS problem together. Recently, Vera, my younger daughter (age 7), was presented with a problem that required her to put a set of numbers on an arrow road, while also determining the increasing numbers. As Vera struggled, I sat down to provide assistance. Quickly, I realized the challenge in front of us as we both sat trying a variety of solutions with no luck. I called for Nina, my older daughter (age 11), who has been a part of the IMACS program for over five years. She sat down and joined us, excited for the challenge. I was in awe of how she immediately tackled the problem, utilizing logic and “outside of the box” problem solving. Within ten minutes, she had solved what we deemed as impossible and proceeded to give an in-depth explanation of her thought process.

There are many moments in IMACS where I am in awe and grateful of what my girls are learning; however, in this moment I was amazed at how Nina was not only able to tackle the problem, but see it in a manner that even my own mind could not see. Then, she was able to explain her thought process to Vera using complex problem solving vocabulary taught in IMACS and her sister was able to understand. This is just one of many moments where I have been able to witness firsthand the impact of IMACS on the way my girls’ think. I have no doubt that my girls will be able to solve any problems that come their way utilizing the logical processing and problem solving skills taught in the IMACS program. The sky’s the limit for these two.

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As my oldest daughter, Rebecca, heads to Stanford in the fall, I am filled with conflicting emotions, including pride, fear, panic, melancholy, and confusion — sometimes all within the same minute! But I’m also filled with gratitude because it surely takes a village to raise a child.

Last week I decided to visit the IMACS corporate office in Plantation, FL, to personally thank them for the positive impact their program made on my daughter. Rebecca attended IMACS for most of her lower and middle school years, and we both are so grateful for the time she spent in the program.

While I don’t know where Rebecca would be had she not attended IMACS, I do know that her weekly math lessons created a foundation of confidence that never wavered.

Through early math enrichment, IMACS ensured that Rebecca’s formative math years were filled with accolades and honors. As she got older, she believed in her math skills and abilities, encouraging her to continue her math trajectory and never shy from a difficult class or problem.

As a bonus, IMACS made learning math fun!

To read the rest of this testimonial, click here.

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IMACS is the greatest gift beyond love and affection that we have given to our child. This program gives your child a deeper understanding of math and a joy of learning. Through games and fun, they gift your child with fluency in manipulating numbers in their head. Then, they expose them to advanced math concepts which simply make sense in the manner in which they are presented. In parallel to all this, they teach a child reasoning and logic—how to figure something out that they don’t yet know through analytics and deduction.

These are skills our child will have for life and will help him every day and in every facet of his life. Our son Conrad has been enrolled in the program for two years and loves it. When asked for a review, he gave a thumbs up and said “5 stars” with a big smile on his face. A big “Thank you!” to the IMACS team for this amazing program.

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I appreciate all that IMACS has done to help Basier, my 9-year-old son, learn math in a unique way. IMACS has given him new critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The activities he participates in are engaging, and each instructor has the essential skills needed to facilitate the program and ensure my son enjoys the worksheets, classes, and additional activities.

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Our son, Aritya, received the Grand Honors award (99th percentile) in SCAT Quantitative yesterday from the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. We think a lot of his achievement can be attributed to his IMACS lessons and activities. Aritya is really enjoying the challenges and the creative enrichment activities that he gets from IMACS. Thank you!

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Erick is 8 years old and has been attending IMACS classes since the beginning of 3rd grade. Although he attends a gifted program in public school, challenge and motivation is always a factor. The IMACS program challenges him beyond the school curriculum in a fun and engaging environment. It improves his mental math abilities, critical thinking, and helps him to see math in a more logical and abstract way. IMACS’s reward system is great as it sparks healthy competition between peers in the class and after. He loves doing his work, watching himself moving up on Leaderboard and getting prizes from the IMACS store where he can redeem his IMACS points. The convenience of their online platform is amazing. With his busy schedule he is able to attend the classes at home or while traveling. We are so happy to see our son grow deeper and happier in math.

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We feel so fortunate that we discovered IMACS as we searched for better math opportunities for our son. IMACS is an extraordinary program that is clearly having a profound impact on his education. It isn’t hyperbolic to say that IMACS is life-changing. Unlike our local school math curriculum– which we feel is overly focused on memorization– IMACS teaches math in a way that helps kids deeply understand underlying concepts and complex abstractions. This approach has been incredibly effective for Avik, not only improving his math skills but also helping him develop important critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. And because mathematical reasoning is a critical component of all STEM courses, IMACS is not only preparing our son for success in math but also laying the foundation for success in other academic endeavors. More than this though, IMACS is fun! Avik looks forward to his live class every week and this enthusiasm for math– nurtured and grown by IMACS– now extends to all of the math he does. The IMACS instructors are fantastic and have a great way of making complex concepts understandable for young students. We’re so grateful to IMACS for their unique, challenging, and motivating math program. Thank you IMACS!

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With IMACS, we see our 7 yo son’s heart alight with discovery and persistence—all shaping his critical thinking and more patient temperament as he hunts for solutions. We are so grateful to IMACS for its vision of shaping great thinkers, and to its talented, engaging teachers. In our child, this program is building a vibrant neural network to meet life’s opportunity.
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We are a third generation IMACS family and believe strongly in this program. The IMACS curriculum enhanced in each of us the ability to problem-solve and think logically. My husband and I are grateful that our children had the opportunity to experience a different type of enrichment beyond sports, and now our grandkids love it too. IMACS pioneered rigorous computer programming classes for kids that were not available anywhere else that we knew of in the 90’s. With this foundation, two of my children went on to study Computer Science in college with one earning a PhD from MIT while the other became a software engineer.

The IMACS approach has benefited me and my family for nearly 60 years thanks to the unique curriculum and teaching techniques developed by my high school math teacher and IMACS co-founder, Burt Kaufman. Collaborative problem solving was unheard of in math classes back then, but Mr. Kaufman encouraged us to work together and expected excellence because he knew we were capable. He would be amazed that what he started is now available everywhere through the internet.

The name of the program may have changed throughout the years—just “gifted math” for me, MEGSSS for my eldest child, and IMACS for my younger kids and grandkids—but the dedication to supporting math talent and preparing students to be formidable thinkers and problem solvers has remained constant and true. That is why my husband and I highly recommend IMACS to any parent who wants their child to succeed in school and beyond.

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Raymond is really enjoying his IMACS class! His mental math skills have improved and I see a difference in the way he approaches challenging questions now. He also likes to keep track of his progress and runs out to tell me whenever he earns a new badge. It’s a wonderful feeling to see him so excited about a subject that I personally found very challenging as a child.

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The IMACS logic and computer science classes prepared me very well for the computer science program at UMASS Amherst. Since I was already familiar with formal mathematical proofs and predicate logic, I felt like I had a much smoother introduction to higher level classes on discrete math and algorithms and was able to grasp the material faster than my peers. In some of my assignments, I felt a nagging familiarity with certain topics until I realized I had already covered the material, way back in high school. Now that I’m in my final year of my degree and have a job in the field, I feel grateful that I had such a thorough and interesting introduction to logic, algorithms, and computer science principles through IMACS.

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Our son, Joey, started taking the IMACS AP Computer Science A course at 11 years old. He had previously excelled in IMACS University Computer Science I and II, so I was dumbfounded when Joey began to struggle with AP CS A. After several communications with his instructor, who was very patient and reassuring, I came to understand that the IMACS AP course was not merely exam prep. It was also designed to stretch talented, young students and so was much more challenging than the exam itself. Lo and behold, at 12 years old, Joey took the AP Computer Science A exam and scored a 5. After the exam, he said “It wasn’t very hard.” Joey is now doing a pre-college summer program in machine learning in a university research lab. He shared with me that all those years in IMACS of working through programming errors taught him to persevere and not get frustrated. In fact, Joey is the fastest and reportedly best student in the lab, even though the others are five years older. A typical computer science curriculum would never have prepared him so well for this opportunity. Joey’s IMACS instructor was always extremely supportive and responsive, and these courses are an all-around win, particularly for gifted kids who are not sufficiently challenged in school.

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My daughter, Apple, felt engaged into IMACS even in her placement class. I was surprised she told me she wanted to take IMACS in the middle of this first class. I am not really a math-person nor a good English speaker but I totally agreed with my daughter’s choice after watching her participate in this first class.

We feel very lucky that Apple and IMACS finally choose to go with each other. I was worried that she could not follow the native children in the live classes because she is an ESL student. But with all the friendly and dedicated help of IMACS, she is really enjoying it and never wants to miss class. Unlike other homework, she does all IMACS work by herself without parent’s help or reminders. I also see that she can try many ways to think and each time she got 3 or 4 stars on a worksheet she was super proud.

If I can compare a child’s successful academic career as a building, I believe that IMACS plays an important role and help my daughter build a solid foundation to grow as a great thinker. From my heart, I feel very appreciated this chance with IMACS. Highly recommend and I hope other kids can learn with IMACS!

Thanks to IMACS, I had a head start in mathematics and computer science in college. IMACS taught me complicated topics such as functional programming, object-oriented programming, algorithm time complexity, algorithm space complexity, and much more. More importantly, IMACS taught me to be an excellent problem solver. This helped me throughout my time at University of Massachusetts Amherst where I earned a BS in Computer Science, a BS in Math with a Statistics and Data Science Concentration, and a BA in Philosophy. I’m excited to start on my next adventure at Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Computational Data Science program. The IMACS advantage is real. IMACS is what sparked my interest and allowed me to dive so deep at such a young age. To this day, I still benefit from IMACS.  Thank you for the excellent education.

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Over the past 20 years, my three sons attended IMACS math and computer science classes. Thanks to IMACS my oldest son became an outstanding student in middle school, breezed through high school, and all the accompanying standardized testing. He attended the University of Pennsylvania, worked at a successful startup as a software engineer, and then started his first company and is now starting his second. IMACS has been the gift my husband and I gave our children that keeps on giving! Thank you, IMACS, for enabling parents to give their children an education that can help them soar!

Hillary Krauss

I want to thank you for the many years of dedication to my kids’ and now my grandkids’ education. Finding IMACS in the early 90’s was what saved my son’s education. He was lost in the education system and needed a greater challenge. IMACS was the answer. The critical thinking and logic skills that he learned at IMACS kept his mind stimulated, and your computer science classes created excitement and involvement for him. The benefits of IMACS spilled over into school where he became more engaged. My daughter also attended and followed in her brother’s footsteps. Both received a wonderful foundation for advanced education and motivation thanks to the lifelong thinking skills that IMACS develops. I now have grandkids–a 1st and 3rd grader–attending IMACS, and both are reaping the rewards. I am so pleased to have discovered IMACS early on and to see the life-changing impact your classes have had on two generations of my family. Thank you!

I listened to your recent podcast interview and needed to introduce you to a future IMACS student, my son James! Although he is almost 15 months now, I cannot wait for him to start taking IMACS classes! I loved IMACS classes and I know they helped me get to where I am today, structural analyst for gas turbine engines. Thank you and all of the IMACS team members for your priceless support, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

IMACS Alumna and Future IMACS Parent!

We brought our daughter, Shannon, to IMACS when she was about 5 years old. During the initial assessment, the instructor winked at me and said “she’s got it.” Shannon was immediately enrolled at IMACS and completed the entire mathematics program.

Fast forward a bunch of years, Shannon graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas HS and began her college studies at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Shannon completed both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering while also a member of the University’s softball team.

Shannon interned with Northrup Grumman during the summer before her senior year of college and was immediately hired upon graduation. Today, Shannon is an Aerospace Engineer assigned to Northrup Grumman’s Antares space vehicle platform where she works on the cryogenic propulsion team. Our little girl is a real life ‘Rocket Scientist.’

There is no doubt that Shannon’s experience at IMACS significantly contributed to her success in the STEM field.

As parents, we wish to thank IMACS for helping our daughter shoot for the stars and achieve her dream.

We are so lucky that we discovered the IMACS program. My son, who has always enjoyed math and brain games, is really engage in his live sessions and is appropriately challenged by the weekly homework. I believe the skills that he is building in logical reasoning, critical thinking, and number relations are going to set him up for success with more advanced mathematical concepts. It seems to be a very expertly designed program and so different than anything else we have come across in our exploration of math enrichment programs. Thank you, IMACS!

We enrolled our profoundly gifted daughters in September 2021 for IMACS Math Enrichment, not fully knowing everything about it or the long term benefits. We looked at the reviews from the past students who are now adults who swore by its benefits. While our children are still in their first year with IMACS, we can categorically say that they are having the best time.

The course is helping our children develop a sharper logical mind and hone their problem-solving skills. The children have so much fun doing the assignments and they look forward to doing it each week. So much so, that our younger child completes her homework and pre-coursework at the very start of the week and then mid-week has a massive craving for IMACS and has to logon to double-check that she has in fact completed her homework, because she wants to do more IMACS so badly. Sometimes she is disappointed in herself for being greedy at the start of the week and completing all her IMACS assignments already!

One time, our older child needed to move the lesson to another day due to planned social engagements, but decided to do the harder thing and keep the lesson on her usual day since she enjoys learning at just the right pace with her teacher. This is a compliment to the teaching style of the teachers, their ability to adapt lessons and the hard work they put in.

As parents, despite the time zone difference between the US and Europe, we find it easy to reach out to the IMACS team to discuss any questions or clarifications we may have and if the lessons need minor adjustments, the team is always willing to discuss promptly. This is something we appreciate very much.

Miroslav Rai Simcik

My 7-yr old has been with IMACS for a few months. With a global pandemic and schools being online, IMACS could not have come to us at a more perfect time. They have, as well as many others, adapted to an online platform and I must say they have excelled and succeeded in being top-notch. They keep their online classes very interactive, never redundant, and always allowing my son to take something productive at the end of each class. As many children may not be progressing academically, my son has flourished despite this new “normal”. Not only is he gaining academic skills, he is also honestly enjoying each class. It’s a definite win-win!! If you are looking to enrich, enhance, supplement, and/or challenge your children, I would highly recommend IMACS. You will not be disappointed.


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for existing. You were a first mover in the space. We found you at a time when there was very little to nothing available for kids curricularly in computer science. And it was an interest and strong curiosity for Claire way back then, and I was grateful to be able to ignite that interest through your program. She was just accepted at Carnegie Mellon University and is looking forward to continuing her CS studies there next year!

I want to express my deepest appreciation for the IMACS program. My kids continue to excel at math, and while my kids may not acknowledge it, I know for a fact that IMACS has been a big part of their success. All three of them have received high scores on their standardized tests! Many thanks for making this program available!

In my first year at Yale everybody in my dorm was asking me questions about math proofs that seemed to me to be completely routine, and I remember asking myself how they could have studied so long and yet know so little. Thank you IMACS for any such giving a great preparation for college!

“IMACS taught me to simultaneously think critically and creatively, imbuing me with skills that assisted me throughout high school and played a fundamental role in my decision to pursue data analysis at Princeton University.”

An MIT degree says to the world that you are capable of complex problem solving and abstract thinking. IMACS gave me a jumpstart on my MIT education, as it taught me to exercise the same parts of my mind that I use now on a daily basis.


This IMACS blog post is by guest author and EMF Math student, Vievie Romanelli. Vievie recently sent us the following letter via email and kindly agreed to let us share it with our blog readers.

“I’m writing to let you know that EMF has been an incredibly important part of my intellectual growth. It’s given me the tools to understand serious math, and it’s encouraged me to be curious about it.”

… “I realized once again how unusual of an opportunity I’ve had to see the beautiful and creative side of math, beyond the formulas most people are limited to.”

Alumna Krisztina Tolotti was a top student in the EMF Math program at her public middle school. Upon completing EMF, Krisztina sent IMACS the following email highlighting the significant advantages that she gained learning math the EMF way.

“Thank you so much for such an amazing math program that I am honored to be a part of. Over these last years, the IMACS programs always (and still do) mean a lot to me, and taught me what math truly is about. What I find funny is that whenever I get asked what kind of math I am doing, I always have a hard time explaining”…

IMACS alumna Naomi Spargo sent the following email at the end of her first semester at Carnegie Mellon University. She details the ways in which her IMACS background in mathematical logic, proof-writing, and functional programming propelled her to research and teaching assistant opportunities in only her freshman year at computer science powerhouse CMU.

“I’m delighted to inform you that your IMACS courses have been even more helpful than I previously expected! During my first semester at CMU, I’ve become extremely interested in type theory and it’s applications to computer science.”…


11-year-old Davidson Young Scholar scores perfect 800 on SAT Math Test

“Self-paced, online programs such as Elements of Mathematics: Foundations from IMACS are uniquely suited to adequately challenge the mathematically gifted,” shares Arvinder. “Our son loves EMF as it allows him to accelerate at his own pace and level up accordingly.”

As Shiva’s mom put it beautifully, “An important part of what we do has to do with ‘the journey’. The journey has not been delegated. The fondest part is that we are traveling on this journey together. We are constantly amazed at how far a child can go when allowed to freely pursue a passion-centric learning approach. It’s been a joy to see Shiva surprise us every day with out-of-the-box solutions. We are very grateful for all that we are learning together as a family because we often satisfy curiosities rather than march to fulfill an external mandate or to earn a grade.”

Abed loves math. From his early years we noticed his love for numbers and his logical reasoning. We’ve always wanted him to be immersed in a rich challenging experience. We’ve been searching for a while. We found some platforms that offer content according to the grade level. That wasn’t our request. Then we found the amazing online math enrichment program called IMACS. Abed tried their online class and loved it. I appreciate that they offer interactive live sessions and that the students are enrolled based on a placement class not their grade level. I’m so glad that Abed will be part of this professional e-learning program.


IMACS alumna Anna Cai, a Texas resident and now parent herself, was thrilled that her daughter would now have the IMACS experience. “IMACS was enough to save me from all the boredom of school,” says Anna who went on to earn a PhD in Economics. “Even though IMACS is just a few hours a week, it was so stimulating that I was fine sitting in my regular school classroom, doing whatever else.”

The IMACS Blog reconnects with alumnus Mark Engelberg

… One of the things that was really important to me was to make sure my kids had a strong foundation in math and computer science. Fortunately, I have the advantage that I learned the IMACS curriculum when I was in middle school and high school. This made it easy for me to teach these subjects because I’d already experienced first-hand what a top-tier math and CS education looks like.

EMF Reflections by Alumna Isabella Yeung

“EMF truly is an amazing program. (No, I’m not saying this just because; I mean it with all my heart.) Looking back at the last three years, I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in EMF. Unquestionably, I have grown from when I was a 6th grader just starting EMF. This rigorous program has expanded my knowledge about the world of mathematics, stimulated my brain cells, boosted my confidence level, and let me grow as a student”…

“I probably would have been completely bored in math all through middle school if I had not been in EMF.”

EMF Alumnus Cole Travers wrote the following guest blog post, in which he compares EMF with a traditional high school math class and explains why EMF was excellent preparation for college.

“Throughout my three years in EMF, I got to learn mathematics in the way that a mathematician understands it. Now that I am in 9th grade and in a traditional math class, I can compare this experience to my EMF experience.

The main difference is that EMF focused on the why of math, while traditional classes focus on the how of math.”

Alumnus Andrei Chekmasov completed the EMF Math program during grades 6-8 . As a 10th grader, he wrote the following guest blog post, EMF is More Than just a High Level Math Course, in which he describes the unique opportunities made available to him because he is an EMF graduate…

“Many would consider me lucky. I was born in a family that values mathematics highly, tutoring me in advanced concepts at a younger age than other students.”


My peers at college were very intelligent, but they struggled with real university math classes. I’m so glad that I had the right foundation. Thank you, IMACS!