Theo Waldman

IMACS was integral to my early education as it was one of the first self-driven academic experiences I had that I truly enjoyed. Further, it helped to develop my problem-solving and logic skills through its generalized emphasis on thorough reasoning and thought.
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Theo Waldman from IMACS in 4th Grade to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology!

Theo started with IMACS in fourth grade as a student in our Elements of Mathematics: Foundations program. After completing this, he went on to take our University Computer Science courses, AP Computer Science A, and our Logic for Mathematics curriculum.

In high school, Theo earned a perfect 4.0 GPA and scored 1510 on his SAT. He scored a perfect 5 on AP tests for Computer Science A, Physics 1, and BC Calculus, as well as a 4 on the AP Physics C test. He has pursued independent research in engineering throughout his high school career and is currently attempting to engineer a polymer membrane for a water electrolysis cell. He also enjoys music, having sung in a teenage choir and performed as a cello soloist.

Theo was accepted at Rose-Hulman, where he has been awarded a merit scholarship of $25,000 per year, as well as WPI, RPI, RIT, and Tufts. He will attend Rose-Hulman, where he will study mechanical engineering with a focus on small-scale industry, automation, and robotics. After college, Theo would like to pursue a Research & Development position in the area of robotics or aerospace.

Theo had the IMACS advantage!

He chose Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.
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