Jesse Salomon

Hardly anyone enters college knowing how to write mathematical proofs, but thanks to IMACS, I can write proofs in my sleep! And beyond that, IMACS provided me with a framework to handle the abstract nature of advanced math at Caltech.

Jesse Salomon

In 1st grade, Jesse started IMACS Primary Math Enrichment. Twelve years later, he had completed the IMACS University-Level courses in Computer Science and Logic for Mathematics. He was valedictorian, a National Merit Scholar Finalist, a National AP Scholar, and winner of multiple science and math competitions and awards.

Jesse chose Caltech. Naturally, Caltech has many valedictorians, National AP Scholars and exceptionally talented students. However, Jesse’s performance on Caltech’s CS placement exam was so remarkable that the CS department contacted Jesse – before he took a single class at Caltech – about becoming a Teaching Assistant. By the end of his sophomore year, Jesse had been a TA for two CS classes and a mathematics tutor. (Of course, he was already excelling in upper-level CS and math classes in his first two years.)

Jesse credits much of his success – from CS to liberal arts and everything in between – to IMACS’ emphasis on mathematical proofs and logic.

Jesse had the IMACS advantage!

He chose Caltech.
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