Erin Greig

The thought processes that I developed at IMACS expand beyond mathematics and computer science. Critical thinking, situational analysis, and tenacity in problem solving are skills that propelled me through college-level classes and professional environments to boundless opportunities.
Photo of Erin Greig in Duke t-shirt 2nd grade photo of Erin Greig

Erin Greig from IMACS in 2nd Grade to Duke University!

Erin discovered IMACS in second grade and went on to excel in Math Enrichment as well as university-level courses in Computer Science and Mathematical Logic. With a 35 on the ACT, 1540 on the SAT, and AP International Diploma, Erin graduated high school summa cum laude and was honored as a National Merit Finalist and National AP Scholar.

As a third-year college student, Erin presented undergraduate-led research at a major Pacific Rim conference on global urban health. She has already been awarded two grants and is actively involved in research projects on segmentation of micro-CT scans of lemur bones, aging and Alzheimer’s, and genetics of plant dispersal mechanisms.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced IMACS to reinvent itself, Erin joined IMACS as a systems tester and played a crucial role in its successful conversion to live, online classes. In addition to serving as the Director of the International Shadowing Program at her university’s Pre-Med Club, Erin is Head Teacher for Beginner Learners of Medical English, a program for doctors in Kunshan, China.

Erin will earn her B.S. degree from the Duke Kunshan University and Duke University Dual-Degree Program where she was awarded a Foundation Scholarship. She is majoring in Global Health and Biology and plans to pursue an M.D./Ph.D. followed by a career in clinical research.

Erin had the IMACS advantage!

She chose Duke University.
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