Dustin Katzin

In the first lecture on functional programming in my Software Construction course, the professor told the class, ‘You have probably never seen anything like this before.’ The other students were blown away because they had never studied such sophisticated programming concepts. I ended up acing the course project due to my background in functional programming at IMACS.
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Dustin Katzin From IMACS in the 7th grade to MIT!

Dustin began studying IMACS Computer Science in 7th grade and worked his way through all of IMACS’ University-Level courses in Computer Science and Logic for Mathematics before graduating high school. Dustin received a perfect 1600 score on his SAT.

Dustin chose to double major at MIT in Physics and Math with Computer Science and is planning on pursuing a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics. As a result of his IMACS background, he received MIT credit for Math for Computer Science and placed out of Introduction to Algorithms. At the end of his sophomore year at MIT, Dustin had a 4.9 GPA out of 5.

When given the choice between taking the Linear Algebra course that most MIT math majors study and the significantly more challenging, proof-based Linear Algebra course, Dustin chose the latter and directly cites IMACS Logic for Mathematics as the reason for his success (and an ‘A’) in the course.

Dustin had the IMACS advantage!

He chose MIT.
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