David Smith

With an emphasis on abstract reasoning and complex problem-solving, IMACS taught me to be creative and think about ideas in novel ways. This gave me a definite advantage as an undergraduate and enabled me to excel in high level mathematics courses.
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David Smith from IMACS towards dual degrees and his dream of a career in biochemistry research

David began studying at IMACS in 4th grade and continued through his graduation from St. Thomas Aquinas High School as valedictorian. During this time, David completed IMACS’ Advanced Math Enrichment and University-Level courses in Computer Science and Logic for Mathematics. He regularly placed among the top participants in multiple math and computer programming competitions and was a National AP Scholar and a National Merit Scholarship Finalist.

With offers from many top universities, David chose to attend the University of Pennsylvania’s Vagelos Scholars Program in the Molecular Life Sciences where he continued to add to his achievements. David’s answers on a variety of math topics won first place in the Class of 1880 Prize Examination for freshmen. As a sophomore, he earned the highest score among students from UPenn on the nationally renowned Putnam Competition in mathematics. In both contests, participants were judged by the quality of the arguments they gave to justify their responses. David directly credits his extensive time at IMACS writing clear, logical proofs as helping him to earn both honors.

David is now working towards dual B.S./M.S. degrees in Biochemistry and Chemistry and is poised to achieve his dream of a career in biochemistry research.

David had the IMACS advantage!

He chose University of Pennsylvania.
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