Some Kids’ Stories Start Rough, but Have Happy Endings

At IMACS, we’ve seen a lot.

  • Girls whose parents have decided they were bad at math … at age 8.
  • Children who couldn’t handle getting anything wrong … ever.
  • Students who were great at memorizing, but got crushed the first time they had to actually think.

Yes, we’ve seen all that and more. The good news is that we have also helped parents deal with all these issues.

  • One parent declared her daughter was not a math person (before her daughter had even done any real math). After IMACS, this young lady was great at math and even enjoyed it. Years later, she used that confidence to get a degree in science and a wonderful career!
  • One boy lied to his mom after the first couple of classes – saying that IMACS was easy – while the truth was that he couldn’t handle getting less than 100% in math for the first time ever! Clearly, he needed our help and we’re so glad that he joined IMACS early enough for us to make a huge difference for him. Now, instead of only doing easy things and being “perfect,” he is much more comfortable being challenged (and sometimes getting things wrong). That’s well-founded confidence.

We have so many stories with happy endings. We can’t wait for the next one.

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