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Develop Future STEM Leaders

Do you ever wonder what your students will be when they grow up? Maybe an astronaut? A biomedical engineer? A computer programmer? Anything is possible with the right encouragement and academic stimulation. The IMACS School Partnership Program develops your students’ logic and reasoning abilities in profound ways that boost their academic performance. Provide your students with access to the acclaimed IMACS Math Enrichment Program to help create the STEM leaders of tomorrow!

What is IMACS?

The Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) is an online program that offers mathematics enrichment classes using live classes via Zoom, engaging videos, and interactive worksheets.

IMACS Math Enrichment classes are open to students in grades 1-6 and are held once per week after school or on weekends. It’s particularly beneficial to children who are naturally inquisitive and who have shown an early talent for math.

The IMACS curriculum uses meticulously designed games, stories, logic puzzles, and visualization techniques to teach advanced mathematical concepts and thinking skills. As a result, IMACS students excel in STEM all the way through high school, college, and beyond!

Partnering with IMACS

The IMACS School Partnership Program offers benefits to the school, the students, and their families.

Schools use IMACS as a resource for families with children who excel and need an extra challenge. In addition, schools receive a percentage of the tuition IMACS collects from your students or can use these funds to provide IMACS scholarships for their students. Students will receive the challenge needed to help reach their full potential, all while having fun and remaining excited about learning. Parents will love the benefits and the 10% partner school discount.

How does the Partnership Program Work?

  • School distributes information to parents
  • IMACS handles all enrollments and collection of fees
  • Parents receive a 10% discount
  • School confirms students attend their institution
  • School receives 10% of tuition collected
  • IMACS will match scholarships

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and help create the STEM leaders of tomorrow!

Please contact IMACS at 954.791.2333 or parentrelations@imacs.org to discuss the IMACS School Partnership Program.