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University Computer Science (Grades 9-12)

Learning to Code is Easy … Becoming a Computer Scientist is Hard!

IMACS University Computer Science students learn substantial computer science material at the undergraduate level.

  • Modern paradigms: Students cover modern programming paradigms, including procedural, object-oriented, and functional.
  • Modern languages: Programming languages taught include Python, Haskell, Scheme, and Java.
  • Modern topics: Students research and develop a sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) system.

These classes are available to talented secondary school students with or without prior computer science experience, but because of the uniqueness of the classes we recommend you contact us so that we may be sure this is the right program for your child.

Program Details

  • Enrollment requires recommendation from an IMACS instructor or success in an aptitude test.
  • Students work at their own pace and meet with an instructor in weekly classes.
  • Classes have at most 12 students.
  • Classes are 120 minutes in duration.
  • It is expected that students work independently between classes.
  • Classes are split into four 8-week sessions per year. New enrollments are accepted throughout the year, spaces pending.
  • Students access live classes and the IMACS Store via their personal Student Portal.
  • Students who miss a class may schedule a make-up class in any week of the same session.
  • Parents use the Parent Portal to enroll students; arrange make-up classes; review student IMACS points; access credit card profiles, accounts, invoices and calendars; and contact IMACS instructors and administrators.

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The program consists of three individual courses.

  • University Computer Science I covers the core concepts that all computer scientists must understand.
  • University Computer Science II builds on the previous course to cover advanced topics in modern computer science.
  • AP® Java Programming is a course in Java leading to the Advanced Placement A Exam.

We have answered the most common questions that parents ask in the FAQ section below. Because these courses are not suitable for all students, please contact us if you are interested in this program for your child.

University Computer Science

Explore fundamental underpinnings of the theory of computer science

Develop the skills and tenacity to solve large, technically complex problems by learning how to break them down into smaller, sensible pieces. These skills have IMACS graduates outperforming their peers in both STEM and non-STEM programs at prestigious universities such as MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, Yale, Penn and Johns Hopkins!

Classes for future Computer Scientists!

Not just coding, not just programming

Not just coding, not just programming, but actual computer science. To learn more, study the FAQs below, read parent testimonials, or contact us today.

Most Frequently Asked Questions