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Summer Sessions (Grades 1-12)

Fun and Exciting Summer Programs for Talented Thinkers!

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Our Summer Classes consist of individual week-long online, interactive, instructor-led classes. View the schedule below and visit your parent portal to register. Choose from the following list of classes (Grade levels are approximate):

  • Primary Logic Puzzles: [Grades 1-2] Games! Puzzles! Fun! But don’t tell your kids that their IMACS instructor is building their reasoning skills and developing a love for mathematical thinking!
  • Logic Puzzles: [Grades 3-8] Mysteries of pure logic are presented in fun, compelling stories. Painstakingly designed, an IMACS instructor leads students from elementary deductive reasoning to skills that exceed those of most college graduates! Students will enjoy individual puzzles, team logic games, and, as in every IMACS class, new challenges each week!
  • Computer Programming: [Grade 3-8] Students don’t merely use the computer in this course — they write computer programs! Using the programming language LOGO, developed at MIT, students are challenged to solve intriguing problems. With individualized guidance from IMACS instructors, students develop coding and problem-solving skills that will give them a head-start in their next computer programming course. See Computer Programming Enrichment for more information.
  • University-Level Courses: [Grades 9-12] University-Level Courses in computer science and advanced mathematical logic. For 30+ years, IMACS has been providing high school students and the most advanced middle school students an outlet for their academic talents and an incredible head start over their peers upon entering college. These self-paced courses are praised by teachers and university professors for their technique and content and by former students for the profound advantage these courses gave them throughout their lives. Read what university professors, parents, and students say about these IMACS courses. For more details about these courses, see University Computer Science and University Mathematical Logic. A free aptitude test is required for new students.

Program Details

  • Classes run Monday through Friday.
  • Daily classes are 45 minutes (Primary Logic Puzzles), 60 minutes (Logic Puzzles), 90 minutes (Computer Programming) and 120 minutes (university-level courses).
  • University-level classes require an aptitude test.
  • Classes have at most 10 (Primary Logic Puzzles) or 12 students (all others).
  • Students may earn IMACS points during class which may be redeemed in the online IMACS store for games, toys and prizes…shipped straight to your door!
  • Students access classes and the IMACS Store via their personal Student Portal.
  • Parents use the Parent Portal to enroll students; track student points; access credit card profiles, accounts, invoices and calendars; and contact IMACS instructors and administrators.

Summer Classes

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Let us keep your child entertained, engaged and learning with weekly fun-filled academic activities like logic puzzles, computer programming, and university-level classes in mathematical logic and computer science.

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Students in all age groups benefit directly from attending IMACS Hi-Tech Summer Classes!

Visit your parent portal to view the class schedule and enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Classes