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Other Courses

IMACS offers other highly acclaimed self-study curriculum.

eIMACS at www.eimacs.com

University-level courses in mathematical logic and computer science, including a College Board-approved course that leads to the AP ® Computer Science A exam.

Students who successfully complete eIMACS courses develop superior abstract reasoning abilities and computational thinking skills that make all future STEM and non-STEM classes requiring critical thinking significantly easier.

Read reviews on the eIMACS website.

EMF Math at www.EMFmath.com

A self-paced program that goes well beyond school curriculum to give bright and motivated students a deeper understanding of mathematics and prepares them to solve novel problems.

Students learn to think flexibly and creatively while covering prealgebra through precalculus with a logic and proof-based approach.

Read why EMF Math is a better alternative than acceleration for mathematically talented students or watch this short video to understand why EMF Math is the curriculum of choice for the sixth largest public school district.

Are You Ready?

Readiness for IMACS online courses is determined by ability, not by age or grade level.

eIMACS and EMF Math each offer a free, online assessment to help prospective students and their parents gauge readiness and fit. The eIMACS Aptitude Test is required, and the EMF Math Aptitude Test is strongly recommended.

Both online programs typically serve talented middle and high school students.

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Self-paced learning at its best

The EMF and eimacs curricula is designed to keep talented secondary school and high school students intellectually challenged and engaged.

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Serious Programs, Strong Reviews

  • “My daughter was bored in her typical math class, but quickly learned to love the subject when we discovered EMF. The material does much more than teach steps and formulas; it helps students develop their logic and critical thinking skills, so they are well prepared to face a wide variety of difficult problems.” – EMF Parent
  • “eIMACS is among the very best online programs in terms of teaching a fundamental understanding of the concepts rather than the simple mechanics. We recommend it strongly.” – eIMACS Parent