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Mathematics Enrichment (Grades 1-6)

Help Your Child Build Critical Thinking Skills with Online Math Enrichment

The IMACS Math Enrichment Program is unlike any class your child has ever experienced. The program is entirely online:

  • Weekly Classes are led by an IMACS instructor. Classes use a combination of IMACS and Zoom technology. Not only do IMACS students have fun, but they also develop critical reasoning skills — and a genuine understanding of the logical reasoning processes required to solve advanced math problems.
  • Online, interactive worksheets encourage students to explore the problem-solving techniques covered in class. These are not your ordinary drill-and-kill worksheets! Auto-grading allows for immediate feedback and multiple attempts. And all worksheets are interactive in the IMACS style! (What’s the IMACS style? Schedule a free class and find out!)
  • Fully Integrated Courses mean that worksheets, video lessons and live classes are meticulously sequenced to bring out the best in your child.

For the rest of their lives, whether in school, at work, or at play, IMACS graduates simply think better.

Program Details

  • Enrollment starts with a three-step Placement Process, to help us determine which level of our curriculum is most appropriate for your child:
    1. Register for and complete the Pre-Placement Preparation that consists of three short videos followed by some fun puzzles (20-30 minutes).  You can register for the Pre-Placement Preparation by clicking on the red “Free Class” button at the bottom of your screen (or by visiting https://www.imacs.org/start).
    2. Parents make a Placement Class appointment, and parent and student attend the class (45 minutes).
    3. Placement class instructor provides a placement recommendation via email after the class.
  • Enrichment Classes are 45 minutes to 90 minutes in duration depending on level.
  • Classes have at most 10 (Primary level) or 12 (all other levels) students.
  • Classes are split into four 8-week sessions per year, and each class is intended to be taken through the end of a school year before a student moves up to the next level. New enrollments are accepted throughout the year according to placement, spaces pending.
  • Students earn points in class and by completing worksheets. Visit the online IMACS Store to redeem points for games, toys, and other prizes … shipped right to your door!
  • Students access worksheets, video lessons, live classes and the IMACS Store via their personal Student Portal.
  • Students who miss a class may schedule a make-up class within the same week as the missed class. A recording of the previous week’s lesson is available in the student portal for students who were unable to attend a make-up class or who wish to review the lesson.
  • Parents use the Parent Portal to enroll students; arrange make-up classes; review student progress and points; review student worksheet answers; access credit card profiles, accounts, invoices and calendars; and contact IMACS instructors and administrators.

Tell Me More!

We have answered the most common questions that parents ask in the FAQ sections below. But the bottom line is that the IMACS Mathematics Enrichment classes are so special that — unless you are an IMACS alum! — the only way to gauge whether they are right for you and your child is to experience it. This is why we offer a free IMACS class, which we call a Placement Class.

Mathematics Enrichment

Challenging classes for bright students

We built a logic-based curriculum that places students according to ability and is challenging even for the brightest minds. No drills. No memorization.

Puzzles, mysteries, games, ... fun!

Logical Reasoning and Problem-Solving

It turns out that challenging logic-based lessons are a lot of fun for talented students, who loves nothing better than solving a detective story or playing a fun game!

IMACS Mathematics Enrichment Frequently Asked Questions