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University Mathematical Logic (Grades 9-12)

A High School Course For Mathematicians

The IMACS University Mathematical Logic Course is based on the Elements of Mathematics series of textbooks. These were initially developed in the 1960’s and 70’s by an international team of eminent mathematicians to be both rigorous and engaging for talented high school students, and mathematicians at IMACS have refined them in light of several decades teaching experience.

The curriculum begins with topics covered in the logic courses typically required of a college major in mathematics, engineering, computer science or philosophy. It then goes on to introduce more advanced techniques in mathematical logic and reasoning.

Program Details

  • Enrollment requires recommendation from an IMACS instructor or success in an aptitude test.
  • Students work at their own pace and meet with an instructor in weekly classes.
  • Classes have at most 12 students.
  • Classes are 120 minutes in duration.
  • It is expected that students work independently between classes.
  • Classes are split into four 8-week sessions per year. New enrollments are accepted throughout the year, spaces pending.
  • Students access live classes and the IMACS Store via their personal Student Portal.
  • Students who miss a class may schedule a make-up class in any week of the same session.
  • Parents use the Parent Portal to enroll students; arrange make-up classes; review student IMACS points; access credit card profiles, accounts, invoices and calendars; and contact IMACS instructors and administrators.

Tell Me More

We have answered the most common questions that parents have in the FAQ section below. The program is not for every student, not even for every student of precocious talent. But for some students, the University Mathematical Logic experience is life changing. Please contact us if you are interested in this program for your child.

University Mathematical Logic

A University-level Logic Course

Providing an advanced introduction to formal logic and mathematical proof, but designed for the most talented secondary school students, it is the envy of university mathematics courses everywhere!

Logic for Mathematicians

Proposition, Predicate and Axiomatic Logic

Three advanced courses cover propositional logic, a predicate logic sufficient to formalize all basic set theory, and an introduction to axiomatic set theory. To learn more, study the FAQs below, or contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions