Computer Programming Enrichment (Grades 6-8)

IMACS Students Learning To Be Computer Scientists

For 30+ years, Computer Programming at IMACS has been helping young students build a strong computer science foundation.

  • Students love it because it’s loads of fun.
  • Parents love it because the in-class challenges are worthy of their children’s talents.
  • We love it because students focus on real thinking and not just typing code!

Program Details

  • Students can enroll via a recommendation from an IMACS instructor following a free trial class.
  • Classes have at most 12 students.
  • Computer Programming Classes are 90 minutes in duration.
  • Classes are split into four 8-week sessions per year. New enrollments are accepted throughout the year, spaces pending.
  • Students earn points in class as they complete projects. Points are redeemed in the online IMACS Store for games, toys and prizes…shipped right to your door!
  • Students access live classes and the IMACS Store via their personal Student Portal.
  • Students who miss a class may schedule a make-up class in any week of the same session.
  • Parents use the Parent Portal to enroll students; arrange make-up classes; review student points; access credit card profiles, accounts, invoices and calendars; and contact IMACS instructors and administrators.

Tell Me More

We have answered the most common questions that parents have in the FAQ section below. Of course, the best way to gauge if this is the right class for your child is for he or she to take a free IMACS Computer Programming class, following which the instructor will call or email you with recommendations.

Computer Programming

A focus on real thinking, not just typing code

Students learn the precise, organized, technical — and very mathematical — thinking required for computer programming. In fact, in Computer Programming Enrichment, the students will be writing programs while receiving a unique introduction to concepts from algebra and geometry.


A Class for Future Computer Scientists

It's challenging ... and it's fun!

A 100% online course with a trained instructor, students learn to think like computer scientists in solving a sequence of ever more challenging problems.

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