Say Hello to a Program That Makes Learning Advanced Math FUN!

Does your child love learning and have a natural curiosity to understand how things work? The Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) program is designed to foster that love beyond the classroom! In this program math isn’t just addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Instead, we use challenging and fun math games that appeal to your child’s playful side while helping him or her build a solid foundation in advanced mathematical concepts.

It’s Not Just About Math

IMACS students learn to think critically, develop logical reasoning skills, solve problems, gain confidence, and have fun with numbers and abstractions. Our weekly program (now fully online) has been around for over 25 years and is proven to help students succeed!

Bringing Numbers to Life

We introduce young students to advanced concepts such as negative numbers way before they would learn them in school using visualization and storytelling! For example, Eli the elephant walks around the jungle collecting magical and regular peanuts. If Eli collects 5 regular peanuts and 3 magic peanuts, he’s left with 2 regular peanuts. That represents 5 + -2 = 3!

Bright students in grades 1-5 LOVE learning advanced math concepts through storytelling such as:

  • Negative numbers
  • Mathematical relations and functions
  • Set Theory
  • Number Theory
  • Probability
  • Algebraic and Geometrical problem solving

Each story has a problem that must be solved using mathematical and logical thinking. This makes learning advanced concepts fun and exciting!

What IMACS Graduates Says

From IMACS to Stanford

“From a very early age, IMACS nurtured my interest in mathematics and computer science and gave me a thorough grounding in problem-solving skills and mathematical thinking that have benefited me in all of my advanced coursework and intellectual pursuits.”

– Peyton R., attending Stanford on a full tuition scholarship to study theoretical physics.

From IMACS to Northwestern

“Logic and computer programming classes at IMACS taught me how to organize my thinking and break problems into solvable pieces. The natural structure of logic and computer programming allowed me to see the structure of a mathematical proof as I was writing or reading it.”

-Fiona B., attending Northwestern on a National Merit Scholarship and an AP Scholar award to study Mathematics and Physics.


“An MIT degree says to the world that you are capable of complex problem solving and abstract thinking. IMACS gave me a jumpstart on my MIT education, as it taught me to exercise the same parts of my mind that I use now on a daily basis.”

-Rachel C, attending MIT with a major in Brain and Cognitive Sciences to research unexplored areas of the brain to help cure Alzheimer’s Disease.

From IMACS to Rice University

“My early exposure to IMACS provided me with a unique foundation in logic and mathematics that helped me succeed in advanced STEM classes at a very early age. I understand numbers intuitively and am able to solve complex problems in my head thanks to my IMACS training.”

-Mason J., attending Rice University with a major in Materials Science and NanoEngineering

What Parents Say

See if Your Child LOVES The Program

In just 20 to 30 minutes, you’ll know if your child is ready for the online IMACS Live! Program and if he or she will LOVE it. Sign up for the fun, free, interactive problem-solving experience that prepares your child for the placement class where your child will get to experience what it’s like to participate in IMACS Live! It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard of before! Classes are held via Zoom and you can pick a date and time that works for you.