Oh, the Places They’ll Go!

Future STEM Leaders Start at IMACS

Do you ever wonder what your child will be when he or she grows up? Maybe an astronaut? A biomedical engineer? A computer programmer? Anything is possible with the right encouragement and academic stimulation, which is why we are excited to partner with [insert school name] to give your child access to the incredible IMACS Math Enrichment Program, with 10% off!

Who is IMACS for?

IMACS Math Enrichment classes are open to students in grades 1-6 and are held once per week after school or on weekends. It’s particularly beneficial to children who are naturally inquisitive and who have shown an early talent for math.

Through meticulously designed games, stories, logic puzzles, and visualization techniques, IMACS teaches advanced mathematical concepts and thinking skills. As a result, IMACS students excel in STEM all the way through high school, college, and beyond!

Enrolling in IMACS

Worried your child won’t want to take another math class? IMACS makes math fun! Take a free online class to see for yourself.

To prepare for the IMACS Live! class, your child will spend just 20 to 30 minutes engaging in a session of online activities. If your child doesn’t love it, you have no obligation to move forward. If your child loves it, we will recommend the best starting point in our math enrichment program after the class.

  • Sign up for the Placement Process
  • 20 to 30 minutes of online activities
  • Register for and attend Live! Placement Class via Zoom
  • Enroll

What Parents Say

What IMACS Graduates Say

Slide “IMACS taught me to simultaneously think critically and creatively, imbuing me with skills that assisted me throughout high school and played a fundamental role in my decision to pursue data analysis at Princeton University.” - Ty K., accepted early decision to Princeton University Slide “An MIT degree says to the world that you are capable of complex problem solving and abstract thinking. IMACS gave me a jumpstart on my MIT education, as it taught me to exercise the same parts of my mind that I now use on a daily basis.” Rachel C., scored 1540/1600 on the SAT and was accepted to MIT. Slide “In my first year at Yale everybody in my dorm was asking me questions about math proofs that seemed to me to be completely routine, and I remember asking myself how they could have studied so long and yet know so little. Thank you IMACS for giving me such a great preparation for college!” -Scott C., heavily recruited by all top universities and chose to attend Yale

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