Enroll in a Free Class today!

Enroll in a Free Class today!

#1 Math Enrichment Program For Children in Grades 1-6

The IMACS Live! Math Enrichment program is designed to give bright children a fun challenge they don’t get in the traditional classroom. Unlike most schools where math is presented as a collection of rules that need to be memorized, IMACS students learn to problem-solve within the context of games, stories, and puzzles. This gets talented students, who may be bored in school, excited about learning again!

Math Games at IMACS Live!

IMACS students play many types of math games that help them better understand advanced mathematical concepts early in life.

Here are just a few examples:

  • The Number Line Game – A game played with the youngest IMACS students to help with number sense. Can be played with whole numbers, negative numbers, and decimals to really challenge students.
  • The String Game – This popular game involves careful analysis of clues that lead players to the discovery of which sets of shapes (for younger students) or numbers (for more advanced students) each string represents. For the numerical string game, possibilities include “positive divisors of 24”, “positive prime numbers”, etc.
  • Detective Stories – A huge hit for all ages, this game gives various clues to help students figure out the mystery number!
  • The Table Game – This game is played by our most advanced students, and involves a variety of arithmetical systems such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication in bases 3, 5, 10, and 12.

Math Games at IMACS Live!

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