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Experience a Different Kind of Classroom

For over twenty years the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) has been giving students a competitive edge by teaching them to think critically using logic and reasoning at our fun and interactive teaching centers.

Student Taking In IMACS Classes Online

For families living outside our local teaching areas, IMACS offers select components of our highly acclaimed curriculum online.

Through our online courses, independent learners all around the world can develop the skills that IMACS students are using to challenge themselves to reach new academic heights.

For talented and motivated middle school, high school and undergraduate students, we offer the following online options:


for ages 14-18, approximately

University-level courses in mathematical logic and computer science, including a College Board-approved course that leads to the AP® Computer Science exam. Students who successfully complete eIMACS courses develop superior abstract reasoning abilities and computational thinking skills that make all future classes requiring critical thought significantly easier. Read what parents say about eIMACS on the Davidson Institute website.

Benefits of Taking Online Classes with eIMACS

David Cordeiro says, “My son has taken many online programming and math courses, but eIMACS was among the very best in terms of teaching a fundamental understanding of the concepts rather than simple mechanics. We recommend it to families with a strong interest in really understanding math, logic and programming.”

Elements of Mathematics: Foundations

for ages 10-14, approximately

A self-study program that provides a deep and intuitive understanding of foundational concepts in mathematics, including many topics neglected in the standards-based curriculum. Elements of Mathematics: Foundations will enable bright students to complete all of middle and high school mathematics with the exception of calculus before leaving middle school. Read what parents say about EMF on the Davidson Institute website.

Our online courses are designed for students who demonstrate a high degree of mathematical ability and intellectual maturity, regardless of age or experience. Please visit the Web sites above for detailed information on our online programs.