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After-School and Weekend Program

When the school day ends the opportunity to take part in fun and engaging lessons begins for students enrolled in the After School Program at the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS).

IMACS After-School & Weekend Student

At the heart of the IMACS After School and Weekend program is an extraordinary curriculum carefully crafted to develop both the skill of genuine logical reasoning and the joy found in thinking mathematically.

Simply put students in the IMACS After School Program have an unfair academic advantage over their peers. Read what parents say about IMACS on the Davidson Institute website.

What Will My Child Learn?

Students enrolled in the IMACS After-School & Weekend Program can participate in the following courses:

  • Math Enrichment – The IMACS Math Enrichment Program is unlike any class your child has ever experienced. IMACS students not only have fun in the classroom, but also develop critical reasoning skills and a genuine understanding of the logical reasoning processes required to solve advanced math problems.
  • Computer Programming & Virtual Robotics – In this course students learn to write computer programs and then apply their skills in the Virtual Robotics Lab. They use wheels, gears and sensors to design, build and program their own virtual robots!
  • University-Level Computer Science – A true university-level course in computer science, students go well beyond the traditional introductory courses. Designed for talented secondary school students, its graduates are several steps ahead of their peers in college.
  • University-Level Logic for Mathematics – Based on the world-renowned Elements of Mathematics curriculum, it is the envy of university-level mathematics courses everywhere. Designed for the most talented secondary school students, Logic for Mathematics is an unparalleled course in pure mathematical logic.

Students in the IMACS After-School & Weekend Program are challenged to think and work in ways that help them outperform the expectations of their parents, teachers and professors.

Is the IMACS Program Right for My Child?

The IMACS After-School & Weekend Program is a perfect fit for students who desperately need a challenge worthy of their ability as well as for those who have untapped academic skills just waiting to surface.

IMACS can help a wide variety of students because students are grouped by ability, not by age. This means your child will never be held back from reaching his or her potential.

For the rest of their lives, whether in school, at work or at play, IMACS graduates simply think better.

For example, Steve Krouse started taking classes at IMACS when he was in second grade. He recently wrote to us as a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania where he said:

Why Computer Sciences Students Love IMACS

“I am happy to inform you that I am the single most advanced freshman in the computer science curriculum at Penn. To illustrate it differently, after next semester I will have only 2 classes left to complete the core requirements in my computer science major.”

The critical reasoning skills IMACS students develop help them achieve success in their academic and professional careers in a way that most of their peers will not.

We are so confident in our program, we invite you to visit an existing class to see the program in action. You will see first hand that IMACS’ activities are fun and that students learn and take pride in their ability to tackle true challenges.

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To see first-hand how beneficial the IMACS After-School & Weekend Program can be for your child, sign up for a one-hour Placement Class where you will get an in-depth overview of the courses we offer.

During the Placement Class your child will have the opportunity to meet an IMACS instructor who can evaluate his or her current abilities and recommend an appropriate starting point within the IMACS program. 

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