Testimonial From IMACS Graduate Evan Fellman

Evan Fellman started taking IMACS mathematics enrichment classes in 2nd grade, later going on to take all of our University Computer Science courses. He recently took the time to write the following about the positive impact our program had on him. Thank you, Evan!

Thanks to IMACS, I had a head start in mathematics and computer science in college. IMACS taught me complicated topics such as functional programming, object-oriented programming, algorithm time complexity, algorithm space complexity, and much more. More importantly, IMACS taught me to be an excellent problem solver. This helped me throughout my time at University of Massachusetts Amherst where I earned a BS in Computer Science, a BS in Math with a Statistics and Data Science Concentration, and a BA in Philosophy. I’m excited to start on my next adventure at Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Computational Data Science program. The IMACS advantage is real. IMACS is what sparked my interest and allowed me to dive so deep at such a young age. To this day, I still benefit from IMACS. Thank you for the excellent education.

Evan Fellman
IMACS Alumnus and Carnegie Mellon Graduate Student

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