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IMACS Success Spotlight: Vievie Romanelli

IMACS graduate Vievie Romanelli

Vievie began taking online IMACS courses in 6th grade and went on to excel in University Computer Science I and II, AP Computer Science: Java Programming, and Elements of Mathematics: Foundations. Homeschooled since fifth grade, Vievie graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA, 36 on the ACT, and 800 on SAT Math II Subject Test. She was also named a National Merit Scholar.

As a rising senior, Vieve completed fluid dynamics research at the NYU Applied Math Lab and was one of only 45 students worldwide named a 2018-19 World Science Scholar. She has wide-ranging talents, having medaled repeatedly in multiple national Classics competitions, and placing fourth in the nation as a senior in the National Junior Classical League Creative Writing Contest.

Vievie was accepted at Tufts, UNC Chapel Hill, NYU, Brandeis, Colby, Union, and Fordham. She chose Tufts where she plans to study Mathematics and then pursue a graduate degree in that field.

Here is what Vievie said about realizing how beautiful math is through IMACS courses:

IMACS revealed the beauty of math and encouraged me to explore my passions. The courses challenged me to see math as a creative activity and seek to understand it beyond a surface level.

Congratulations, Vievie!



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