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The History of IMACS

We present below a brief but accurate history of IMACS. A more detailed accounting of the institute’s history and the extensive research and development that led to its creation can be had from the biography of its senior founder, Burt Kaufman.


Burt Kaufman

High school math teacher Burt Kaufman takes a post-graduate mathematics class at the University of Notre Dame along with other mathematics teachers ... and 25 gifted high school students.


Burt Kaufman

Having been "humbled" by the "quantum leaps" made by gifted students, Burt takes a sabbatical and publishes the Goals for School Mathematics paper, containing a multi-track secondary school mathematics curriculum for talented students.

someone writing E equals M C squared formula on paper


Textbook Issues

Standard textbooks are proving to be too lacking in rigor to be used effectively. Under the guidance of Professor Robert Davis (Syracuse University and later Rutgers), work begins on a new textbook.


Book 1 is Born

Burt coordinates mathematicians from around the world to produce the first edition of Book 1 of Elements of Mathematics. It's a game changer, a completely new approach to teaching talented students.


Frédérique & Georges Papy

Burt meets mathematicians and educators Frédérique & Georges Papy at a conference in Belgium. A team begins to assemble!


CSMP ... and the Papy Minicomputer

Burt and the Papys begin a years-long collaboration that leads to the publication of the Comprehensive School Mathematics Program (CSMP). Along the way, the Papys introduce what was to become the IMACS Minicomputer.


Ed Martin

From Cambridge University, England, Ed Martin becomes Senior Editor of EM and coordinates the 2nd Edition (later to become the Elements of Mathematics Foundations (EMF) online course).

logo of the MEGSSS math program


Project MEGSSS

The Mathematics Education for Gifted Secondary School Students program is created to support the teaching of EM. The MEGSSS program would later provide the impetus for the founding of IMACS.


Iain Ferguson

Computer scientist Iain Ferguson arrives from Bath University, UK, and sets about developing what would become the MEGSSS (and later IMACS) computer science courses.


The Schemer's Guide

The first edition of the 300+ page The Schemers Guide is published. It's heavy "emphasis on fundamentals of good computer programming" is noted in reviews.

logo of the MEGSSS math program


Student wins 1st place with American Mathematical Society

As a High School MEGSSS student, Daniel Dugger wins the first place award from the American Mathematical Society for an original research paper.


IMACS is founded

Kaufman, Martin, Ferguson and Burt's son, former IBM'er Terry Kaufman make the EM courses widely available by starting the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS).


IMACS extends class offerings

In addition to elementary-level programs, IMACS extends its reach across all pre-college grade levels with programs like University Computer Science and Logic for Mathematics.


A IMACS student meets Obama

Peyton Robertson, a 12 year-old IMACS student presents his "sandless sandbags" invention to President Obama at the White House. At the news conference, President Obama said "If you can invest in Peyton you should do so now."



Broward County, FL adopts IMACS EMF Program

The 6th largest school district in the USA adopts the IMACS Elements of Mathematics Foundations (EMF) program for their most talented middle schools students. Soon after, Barrington Schools, IL, does the same.



$25K in Scholarships Awarded

IMACS celebrates 25 years of serving talented elementary and secondary school children by awarding more than $25,000 in scholarships to under-served communities in South Florida. In total IMACS has awarded more than $150K in scholarships since 1993.


Small Business Person of the Year

In honor of Small Business Week, the Greater Plantation Chamber of Commerce names IMACS President Terry Kaufman as the 2018 Small Business Person of the Year. IMACS now serves more than 4000 students across the US and in more than 10 countries.


IMACS classes are all online

Just in time for the COVID pandemic, IMACS completes the process of converting all its programs to fully online, with multiple year-round programs and sophisticated student & parent portals!


IMACS continues to grow

As of December 2021, the IMACS mathematics enrichment program is taught to students in every US state and on 6 of 7 continents.


Your child's future is bright

Your child can be just like our current student Albert Wang who was recently admitted to MIT in only his Junior year! It all starts with a free class. The future of IMACS and your talented child starts today.