Courses taught at the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) are unlike any other classes your child has ever taken.

Through meticulously designed challenges, IMACS students develop a well-founded confidence rooted in genuine advancement of their reasoning skills.

IMACS Math Enrichment gives kids a unique opportunity: To learn to think as many of the brightest minds do – with the precision of a scientist or a doctor and the creativity of a novelist or a composer – and apply that skill to wherever their interests lie.

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Please contact IMACS of Connecticut directly for scheduling information.

The IMACS After-School & Weekend Program offers flexible schedules at various locations. To schedule a make-up class, please call (954) 791-2333 or (561) 470-1178 or email parentrelations@imacs.org. Please note that space is limited and most classes can only be made up during the same week.