Summer Classes

Real Thinking.
Real Fun.
IMACS Summer Classes

Our Summer Classes consist of individual week-long online, interactive, instructor-led classes.

Logic Puzzles

[Grades: 3-8] Mysteries of pure logic are presented in fun, compelling stories. Painstakingly designed, an IMACS Live! instructor leads students from elementary deductive reasoning to skills that exceed those of most college graduates! Students will enjoy individual puzzles, team logic games, and, as in every IMACS class, new challenges each week!

Primary Logic Puzzles

[Grades: 1-2] Games! Puzzles! Fun! (But don't tell your kids that their IMACS Live! instructor is building their reasoning skills and developing a love for mathematical thinking.)

Computer Programming

[Grades: 3-8] Students don't merely use the computer in this course — they write computer programs! Using the programming language LOGO, developed at MIT, students are challenged by projects designed by the IMACS Curriculum Development Group. With individualized guidance from IMACS Live! instructors, students develop coding and problem-solving skills that will give them a head-start in their next computer programming course.

University Computer Science

Students pursue an academic, university-level computer science course. The IMACS Live! curriculum has been used in prestigious programs such as Duke University's Talent Identification Program and Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth. Students work with interactive tools available only at IMACS and are taught by highly qualified and trained professionals. This class goes well beyond a traditional introductory course, introducing advanced concepts such as recursion, functional programming, object-oriented programming, and artificial intelligence.

What is IMACS Live?

IMACS Live! is an independent teaching and educational research institute focused on helping students reach their highest potential in math, computer science and logical reasoning.

The skills developed in the IMACS Live! Summer and After-School & Weekend programs can be applied to all aspects of students’ studies. In fact, IMACS graduates have gone on to graduate top of their class at universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford and are offered jobs at companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and IBM.

For the rest of their lives, whether in school, at work or at play, IMACS Live! students simply think better.

The IMACS Live! Advantage

Students in all age groups directly benefit from attending the IMACS Live! Hi-Tech Summer Classes.

Student in all IMACS Live! classes develop a well-founded confidence rooted in genuine advancement of their reasoning skills. This will lead to an improvement in academic performance during the next school year and beyond.