Summer Camp

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Real Thinking.
Real Fun.
IMACS Summer Camp

Full Day Campers get all four activities listed below.   Individual classes are also available.

Single week and multiple week sessions are available.

Virtual Robotics

In conjuction with the Computer Programming activity, campers apply their skills in the IMACS Virtual Robotics Lab, a virtual world that contains the physical realities of friction, acceleration, and conservation of momentum. Actual robots (and their genuine real-life behavior) are accurately simulated in this world - and are programmed by IMACS campers.


Campers are introduced to the fascinating world of electronics. Campers learn about electrical components such as resistors, diodes, LEDs, capacitors, transistors and integrated circuits and use them to design and construct fun projects. Courses are tailored according to age and ability so that each camper is able to advance as far as his or her interests and abilities allow. Campers may keep the electronic devices that they build.

Logic Puzzles

Mysteries of pure logic are presented in fun, compelling stories. Painstakingly designed, this class leads campers from elementary deductive reasoning to skills that exceed those of most college graduates! Campers will enjoy team logic games, exciting tournaments, and, as in every IMACS class, new challenges each week!

Computer Programming

Campers don't merely use the computer in this course. They write computer programs! Using the programming language LOGO, developed at MIT, campers are challenged by projects designed by the IMACS Curriculum Development Group. It's fun, but it's no game! With individualized guidance, campers develop basic programming and problem-solving skills.

This Summer, Exercise Your Child's Mind

Both sports and academics provide an opportunity for your child to experience accomplishment and discover hidden talents. Success in both areas gives children an edge and builds self-confidence.

At the Hi-Tech Summer Camp designed by the Institute for Math and Computer Science (IMACS), we do for the mind what sports does for the body!

Our program consists of logic puzzles, computer programming, virtual robotics, electronics, and an element of competition. Working solo and in teams, kids learn how to think logically and creatively while having fun. Every participant is motivated to come up with their own solutions, yet IMACS also encourages collaboration among kids with similar interests, creating a sense of belonging, as well as accomplishment.

Summer Camp Projects

Summer Camp for Students Entering Grades 1-2

Young students in the IMACS Summer Camp exercise their minds in our Primary Logic Puzzles class.

In this course children play fun games and complete challenging puzzles that teach valuable critical reasoning and mathematical thinking skills. Students have so much fun they don’t even realize they’re learning!

Summer Camp for Students Entering Grades 3-8

Students in the IMACS Summer Camp engage in fun-filled, hi-tech classes such as:

  • Logic Puzzles: In this class your child will be introduced to games, puzzles and challenging mysteries of pure logic presented as compelling stories. Team logic games, exciting tournaments, and, as in every IMACS class, new challenges are introduced every week!
  • Computer Programming & Virtual Robotics: In this course students learn to write computer programs and then apply their skills in the Virtual Robotics Lab. They use wheels, gears and sensors to design, build and program their own virtual robots!
  • Electronics: Students design and construct fun electronics projects, using resistors, diodes, LEDs, capacitors, integrated circuits, and more. Students are able to keep all the devices they build.

Summer Camp for Students Entering Grades 9-12

Advanced high school (and highly advanced middle school) students attending the IMACS Summer Camp will benefit from programs such as:

  • University-Level Logic for Mathematics: Based on the world-renowned Elements of Mathematics curriculum, it is the envy of university-level mathematics courses everywhere. Designed for the most talented secondary school students, Logic for Mathematics is an unparalleled course in pure mathematical logic.
  • University-Level Computer Science: A true university-level course in computer science, students go well beyond the traditional introductory courses. Designed for talented secondary school students, its graduates are several steps ahead of their peers in college.
  • Electronics: Students design and construct fun electronics projects, using resistors, diodes, LEDs, capacitors, integrated circuits, and more. Students are able to keep all the devices they build.

What is IMACS?

IMACS is an independent teaching and educational research institute focused on helping students reach their highest potential in math, computer science and logical reasoning.

The skills developed in the IMACS Summer and After-School & Weekend programs can be applied to all aspects of students’ studies. In fact, IMACS graduates have gone on to graduate top of their class at universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford and are offered jobs at companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and IBM.

For the rest of their lives, whether in school, at work or at play, IMACS students simply think better.

The IMACS Advantage

Students in all age groups directly benefit from attending the IMACS Hi-Tech Summer Camp.

Student in all IMACS classes develop a well-founded confidence rooted in genuine advancement of their reasoning skills. This will lead to an improvement in academic performance during the next school year and beyond.