Math Enrichment

The IMACS Math Enrichment Program is unlike any class your child has ever experienced. Not only do IMACS students have fun in the classroom, but they also develop critical reasoning skills and a genuine understanding of the logical reasoning processes required to solve advanced math problems.

For the rest of their lives, whether in school, at work or at play, IMACS graduates simply think better.

What Will My Child Learn?

While traditional teaching generally focuses on the memorization and application of algorithms, the IMACS Math Enrichment Program helps students develop advanced problem-solving skills in an interactive environment full of fun games, stories and puzzles.

Visualization techniques allow IMACS students to understand advanced concepts about numbers, sets, relations and functions that are usually brushed over in traditional ”“ and even gifted ”“ math classes in school.

While the five levels of Math Enrichment vary in sophistication, they all have the following in common:

  • meticulously-designed games, stories and puzzles;
  • emphasis on logical thinking, abstract reasoning, mental arithmetic and an understanding of mathematical tools; and
  • use of visual and physical devices to teach advanced concepts in creative ways.

As you will see from the free Placement Class, IMACS does not tutor students in the rote skills they study in school. IMACS students learn genuine reasoning skills, allowing them to achieve success in their academic and professional careers in a way that most of their peers will not.

Is the IMACS Program Right For My Child?

Classes in the IMACS Math Enrichment Program are perfect for students who desperately need a challenge worthy of their ability as well as for those who have untapped academic skills just waiting to surface.

The IMACS Math Enrichment Program can help a wide variety of students because students are grouped by ability, not by age. This means your child will never be held back from reaching his or her potential.

To ensure that your child is given the proper level of challenge, attend a free one-hour Placement Class with your child. The Placement Class allows you and your child to see what an IMACS class is all about. The most common statement we hear from parents after the Placement Class: “I wish I had this when I was growing up.”

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