Computer Programming

For over 25 years, Computer Programming at IMACS has been helping boys and girls build a strong programming foundation. Our students tell us they love the program because it’s loads of fun; IMACS parents love that the in-class challenges are worthy of their children’s talents.

This class is entirely online with one-on-one guidance from highly trained IMACS Live! instructors.

As in all IMACS Live! classes, this class develops your child’s ability to think through problems that go beyond the specific applications of the class. That’s the IMACS Live! difference!

Students are often amazed at what they can do themselves with computer programming, even after just one IMACS Live! lesson. If your child needs more inspiration or more of a challenge than what their school has to offer, we have a variety of courses to fit different interests. Whether your child already loves computers and math, or they just like figuring things out, our Computer Programming classes will help them excel.

Which Computer Programming Languages Does IMACS Live! Teach?

We offer courses in Logo, Python, Scheme, Haskell and Java through a variety of teaching methods. Children respond well to visual learning programs and the completion of projects, and that’s why we’ve created a curriculum that includes these essential tools. Our classes are interactive and fun, and we offer self-paced courses so kids can learn to code, master concepts, and solve problems at their own speed.

What is the Learning Environment Like?

IMACS Live! classes are designed for students who are inquisitive, and our instructors always welcome questions. We provide a supportive learning environment, but we foster individual thinking to develop each child’s confidence in their own skills. The end result is that IMACS Live! students become highly sought-after members and leaders of collaborative teams.

Why is IMACS Live! a Better Way for Kids to Learn Computer Programming?

We certainly teach kids how to code and make cool projects. However, our courses in computer programming for kids go far beyond teaching individual programming languages. We teach computational thinking and reasoning that students can always rely on to find solutions no matter which programming language they happen to be using. These timeless skills are extremely helpful when learning more advanced languages.

What if My Child Is Not Into Computers and Coding?

An IMACS Live! education will always go deeper than just coding in the latest popular language. Our approach to teaching computer programming for kids is the perfect way to systematically develop problem solving, logic, and thinking skills that will help your child in other areas of their life.

The ability to solve problems logically is a valuable skill that every child should have the chance to learn. We’re not only teaching kids how to be successful in the world of technology, but also how to be involved learners and organized thinkers. Our classes appeal to all kinds of kids, whether they are academically inclined, or they just love gaming and want to develop their own video games.

We believe that every student can learn foundational programming skills to help them build their knowledge and self-confidence. There’s no better way to support your child than by offering them the opportunity to learn and grow by enrolling them in our exciting computer programming classes today! Read on to learn more about the Computer Programming  classes we offer.

What Will My Child Learn?

Yes, your child will write computer programs.

But the lasting value of the course is not in learning the details of a specific programming language. IMACS Live! students learn to think with mathematical precision while interacting with fun programming concepts, puzzles, and challenges inspired by computer science, physics, and math.

Working through the self-paced projects designed by IMACS Live!, and guided by a well-trained and highly-educated instructor, your child will develop a talent for problem solving that overflows out of IMACS Live!  and into all aspects of their academic and professional careers.

Is the IMACS Live! Program Right For My Child?

The IMACS Live! Computer Programming course is perfect for students who desperately need a challenge worthy of their ability as well as for those who have untapped academic skills just waiting to surface.

Because the course is self-paced with individual attention from the IMACS Live! instructor, your child will never be held back from reaching his or her potential.

Too often, children (and adults!) give up on a problem that takes more than a minute to solve. IMACS Live! Programming students are purged of the fear of big, complex tasks and develop a well-founded confidence rooted in genuine advancement of their reasoning skills.

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