The IMACS Homeschool Program is available in Plantation, FL only. For all other locations, homeschoolers can take advantage of our afternoon and weekend programs.

Homeschool Program in Plantation, FL

Enrich Your Homeschool Curriculum with IMACS Classes!

IMACS of South Florida has taken some of our most popular classes and offered them exclusively to homeschool students. Small class sizes allow students to interact directly with the instructor and allow for collaboration among kids with similar interests.

By enrolling your child in the IMACS Homeschool Program, you can add a unique, carefully crafted curriculum to your child’s weekly studies.

What Will My Child Learn?

Students in the IMACS Homeschool Program can choose to attend individual classes or a full morning program at our Plantation campus.

Students enrolled in the full morning program take one core class (either Math Enrichment or Logic Puzzles) and one or two elective classes.

Classes offered for students in Grades 1-4 include:

Primary or Elementary Math Enrichment (Core class) The beginning levels of a unique sequence of classes that combine games, logic puzzles, and mathematical problem solving.

Beginning Chess (Elective class) This class teaches students to develop patience, planning and reasoning skills through mental competition.

Serious Fun (Elective class) Going beyond chess, this class uses carefully designed games and puzzles that develop logical and systematic analysis.

Right Brain Combo (Elective class) Highly interactive classes that include a variety of artistic media, reading comprehension, and writing.

Classes offered for students in Grades 3-9 include:

Full Math Enrichment (Core class) The third level of a unique sequence of classes that combine games, logic puzzles, and mathematical problem solving.

Logic Puzzles (Core class) Challenging mysteries of pure logic presented through games, puzzles and compelling stories!

Computer Enrichment & Virtual Robotics (Elective class) Students don’t just use the computer ”“ they program it! Challenges include programming virtual robots.

Electronics (Elective class) Students design, build ”“ and keep ”“ fun projects while learning about resistors, diodes, LED’s, capacitors, transistors, and integrated circuits.

Which Classes are Right for My Child?

One of the unique benefits of IMACS is that we group students by ability, not by age. Because of this, every child wishing to enroll in an IMACS program must first attend a Free Placement Class.

At the Placement class, you will watch your child interact with the curriculum. An experienced instructor will evaluate your child’s starting place in the program and give you more information about individual classes and Full Morning Program options.

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