In 2020-2021, classes will be fully online and interactive with our highly trained IMACS instructors. Open Registration is coming soon — including free online Placement Classes.

At the heart of IMACS is an extraordinary curriculum, carefully crafted to develop both the skill of genuine logical reasoning and the joy found in thinking mathematically.

From Mathematics Enrichment to Computer Programming to university-level coursework, IMACS classes produce students that are poised to achieve uncommon success in their academic and professional careers. Simply put, IMACS graduates have an unfair advantage over their peers.

Not sure where to start? Use the grade ranges below to help you. Of course, IMACS places students by ability rather than by grade, so a free placement class is often a good place to start.

Summer Camp (Grades 1-10)

Our Summer Camp has a variety of different STEM classes to accommodate a wide array of students, including a full-day camp and individual classes. Learn more »

Math Enrichment (Grades 1-8)

Children in grades 1-6 should definitely begin with Mathematics Enrichment.
Generally, grade 7 or 8 is too late to start Math Enrichment because the existing students have developed too many advanced tools for new students to jump in; however, we encourage you call us at 866.634.6227 to discuss your child. Learn more »

Computer Programming (Grades 6-8)

This is usually the perfect course for new IMACS students in middle school. Take a free trial class to see how much your child will enjoy it.

Sometimes younger students express interest in computers, but the Mathematics Enrichment (ME) program is a tremendous opportunity not to be missed plus, the kind of child interested in programming will love the challenge of ME. The Computer class can always be taken later. In fact, graduates of the ME program have the best foundation to excel in the Computer class or anything else that requires logical reasoning. Learn more »

University-Level Courses (Grades 9-12)

For extremely talented high school students, IMACS offers university-level courses. These are not merely AP® courses. For those who are truly ready for these courses, the benefits are deep, profound, and life-changing.

However, these courses are not for everyone. We strongly recommend that you contact IMACS for more information.

Sometimes, graduates of Math Enrichment or Computer Enrichment are ready for these courses at a younger age because they have developed skills far beyond their peers. Learn more »