"IMACS gave me a
thorough grounding in
mathematical thinking
that has benefited
me in all of my
intellectual pursuits."
Read Peyton's Success Story
"IMACS challenged me
to see math as a
creative activity
and seek to
understand it beyond
a surface level."
Read Vievie's Success Story
"IMACS gave me a
huge head start
learning computer
science in depth
when other programs
were shallow."
Read Gabriel's Success Story
Young high school student female studies advanced undergraduate and graduate classes in mathematics and physics at Northwestern University Fiona Brady "IMACS taught me how to organize my thinking and break problems into solvable pieces." Read Fiona's Success Story little boy takes all courses IMACS offers growing up math enrichment university computer science logic for mathematics IMACS "was absolutely critical to my success at Caltech." Read RJ's Success Story young girl finishes math enrichment programs and returns as a woman to further education in computer science Snow Kang IMACS "is the embodiment of everything learning should be." Read Snow's Success Story young boy starts math enrichment program at Plantation gets a perfect score on math portion of SAT when older Goldwater scholar student studying electrical engineering attends Stanford University to attain doctorate "While classmates [at Stanford] tried to memorize each type of problem, I was able to strongly grasp core concepts." Read Zak's Success Story IMACS prepares young homeschooling female chess master to attain perfect SAT scores and pass various AP exams Rachel Gologorsky "IMACS fostered precisely the clear, logical thought processes necessary to succeed." Read Rachel's Success Story young boy exempted from all undergraduate Computer Science classes at University of Indiana man with glasses attends MIT to do research and attain a PhD Ryan's dad "can hardly believe how lucky we were to have encouraged Ryan to take IMACS classes." Read Ryan's Success Story young Minecraft for Dummies Portable Edition author started online education at fourth grade Jacob Cordeiro "IMACS gave me a whole new toolbox for approaching problems across many different subjects." Read Jacob's Success Story Middle school student takes IMACS courses in University Computer Science after winning scholarship through coding camp for girls Shuli Jones The skills Shuli developed at IMACS are "something I would not have been able to learn anywhere else." Read Shuli's Success Story Valedictorian from private school in Fort Lauderdale says IMACS taught him abstract reasoning and complex problem solving David Smith "IMACS taught me to be creative and think about ideas in novel ways." Read David's Success Story valedictorian, National Merit Scholar Finalist, National AP Scholar, winner of multiple science and math competitions and awards Jesse Salomon "Hardly anyone enters college knowing how to write mathematical proofs, but thanks to IMACS, I can write proofs in my sleep!" Read Jesse's Success Story "IMACS helped me to discover my passion with courses that encourage creative problem solving." Read Naomi's Success Story Male founder and captain of Robotics Club and Programming Team at private school in Fort Lauderdale Zachary Farnsworth "My IMACS background taught me HOW to think, allowing me to stand out among my [Stanford] classmates." Read Zachary's Success Story Boy takes IMACS classes in elementary school and goes on to finish courses in Computer Science and Logic for Mathematics Ty Kay IMACS "played a fundamental role in my decision to pursue data analysis at Princeton University." Read Ty's Success Story "IMACS cultivated in me a love of mathematics that will last my whole life." Read Emily's Success Story Stamp scholar at University of Florida's Honors Program used IMACS program in elementary school middle school and high school "I credit my years at IMACS for growing my logical reasoning skills to their fullest potential." Read Nik's Success Story teenage girl takes AP Computer Science and Java Programming course becomes National Merit Scholarship Finalist Cori Williams IMACS "brought to my attention the intricacy and beauty of CS while illustrating how I could become a part of it." Read Cori's Success Story Brett Orvieto "Although I juggled a lot of activities ... it was my commitment to IMACS ... that helped me earn a [4-year] scholarship." Read Brett's Success Story Homeschooled student completes IMACS Modern Computer Science track and can deftly switch between various programming languages Shakthi Shrima "I chose IMACS because it was thorough ... with rigor and practicality." Read Shakthi's Success Story National Chess champion and valedictorian completes Math Enrichment and Computer Programming and Virtual Robotics Troy Daly "I attend an Ivy League school with intelligent students, [but IMACS gave me] a leg up over my peers." Read Troy's Success Story Young boy completes IMACS University-Level classes in Real Analysis, Linear Algebra and Group Theory Scott Caplan "In my first year at Yale everybody in my dorm was asking me questions about math. Thank you, IMACS." Read Scott's Success Story North Broward Preparatory School as valedictorian took IMACS Mathematics Enrichment and Computer Enrichment Classes Young girl accepted at MIT, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago (with a merit scholarship), and Duke University "Before IMACS, I did not realize how interesting and exciting mathematics could be." Read Jen's Success Story "IMACS taught me to approach problems with tenacity and persistence." Read Adrian's Success Story Rachel thanks IMACS for success on SAT and ACT and for deepening her skills in abstract thinking coding and problem solving Rachel Cuozzo "IMACS gave me a jumpstart on my MIT education." Read Rachel's Success Story valedictorian of Nova High School began IMACS classes in middle school taking electronics and Propositional Logic classes Kenny Chan "I used IMACS in applying to the Wharton Business School’s Jerome Fisher program." Read Kenny's Success Story Young child excells in IMACS Math Enrichment classes and, in subsequent years, attended several weeks of IMACS summer camps Mason Janenda "My early exposure to IMACS provided me with a unique foundation in logic and mathematics." Read Mason's Success Story "IMACS instilled in me the habit of inquiry and a drive to understand why things work the way they do." Read Azzara's Success Story Dustin chose to double major at MIT in Physics and Math with Computer Science and pursuing a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics Dustin Katzin "The other students [at
MIT] were blown away
... I ended up acing
the course project due
to my background at
Read Dustin's Success Story
Teenage girl wanted to form a deep conceptual understanding of algorithms and logic used in Computer Science during high school Sarah chose Stanford, pursuing a bachelor's and master's degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction The benefits of IMACS "assist me in all my endeavors, whether related to computer science or not." Read Sarah's Success Story Young boy qualified for prestigious American Invitational Mathematics Examination after starting IMACS in elementary school Ricky chose Rice University, where he majored in Computational and Applied Mathematics followed by a Ph.D. "I am able to approach complex problems with confidence because of what I learned at IMACS." Read Ricky's Success Story

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IMACS provides a unique opportunity for students who desperately need a challenge worthy of their ability and for those with untapped and unseen academic skills.

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