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“Knowing you can impact students in profound ways is incredibly fulfilling.”
Debby J., IMACS Instructor

Welcome to IMACS of South Florida

Thank you for your interest in employment at IMACS. Right now, we are not looking for any part-time instructors. Please check back in the Spring.

Welcome to IMACS of North Carolina

Thank you for your interest in employment at IMACS. We are currently seeking part-time instructors for our Mathematics Enrichment program.

IMACS is a unique place to work and is in search of part-time instructors who will revel in our environment. Although we are earnest about what we do and work hard to do it well, we maintain a happy, relaxed working environment. IMACS is owned by educators who are dedicated to a friendly work environment without “office politics” or a “corporate mentality”. Quite simply, we enjoy the jobs we do and we like the people with whom we work.

Virtually everyone who has ever taught for IMACS will tell you that it was a wonderful experience on many levels. None of them will tell you that it was effortless.

The IMACS part-time teaching salary is $30 per hour during the first school year (2019-2020) plus potential end-of-year bonuses of up to 14% of the yearly salary. Between now and the fall, there is considerable training discussed below.

If you think that this might be a good fit for you, please take the time to read this page. (If reading and discussing detailed information is not your thing, IMACS is probably not a good fit for you!)

“Working at IMACS has literally all the positive aspects of teaching and none of the negative: small class size, students who want to be there, and no worries about lesson plans. It’s a lot of fun!”

Jennifer B., IMACS Instructor


For over 25 years, the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) has been using lively and innovative methods of teaching high-level mathematics, computer programming, and logical reasoning skills to above average elementary and secondary school students in South Florida. We are NOT a tutoring service. IMACS students study concepts that are more advanced than those they encounter in school. They gain an academic advantage based on a genuine understanding of the concepts, and not on rote memorization or drill-and-kill. While the benefits of the classes are serious, the classes themselves are fun and exciting; indeed, after just one demonstration class, children beg their parents to sign up for IMACS, which has grown to over 1,000 students a year.

It is important that all of our employees share our ideals. At IMACS, we are very detail-oriented and are constantly focused on the quality of our curriculum, our teaching, and the service we provide to IMACS students and parents. Mathematical precision and rigor are important to us. We are devoted to developing our students’ logical reasoning skills. The words “logical reasoning” are easy to say — and many companies and schools say them — but, at IMACS, we mean those words and we live by their meaning.

The 2019-2020 School Year

We are looking for an instructor for the following classes:

  • Tuesdays, 200 S Elliott Rd, Chapel Hill, 3:00-5;30pm (Class time: 3:15pm-5:15pm)
  • Thursdays, 105 Market St., Chapel Hill, 3:00-5;30pm (Class time: 3:15pm-5:15pm)

While we are willing to hire a different instructor for each day, we would prefer to hire one instructor for both days.

The IMACS Academic Year consists of 32 weeks in the September to May range.

Mathematics Enrichment

While we have a variety of classes and students from K-12, most IMACS students are enrolled in one of the levels in the Math Enrichment (ME) sequence. As with all our academic year classes, these meet once a week. The classes run from 1-2 hours and have a maximum of 10-15 students. The first three levels consist of above average to talented first through sixth graders (who are grouped by ability rather than by grade). By the end of the third level, students are reasoning in ways that even most educated adults can not.

While the ME lessons are carefully scripted, learning how to teach them is not a trivial task. It requires skills beyond those found in a typical classroom. There is significant training involved, which will be discussed during the initial phone interview.

A Long Term Relationship

Quite simply, IMACS instructors love to work here.

They enjoy the curriculum, the classes, and the students (who, by the way, are significantly better behaved than in a typical school classroom — after all, they enjoy IMACS and want to be here).

IMACS instructors with children of their own are also thrilled that they can give their children the “IMACS Advantage” by enrolling them at a 90% discount. (This can add up to thousands of dollars per year, depending upon the classes and, of course, the number of children.)

Most of our part-time instructors stay with us for many years. While we certainly are not expecting any applicants to commit to staying at IMACS for years, it is our hope that our new instructors will be a part of the IMACS family for a long time to come.

At the very least, we do expect new instructors to commit to all of their classes for the entire academic year. It is devastating for IMACS to lose instructors mid-year (especially since the training process for new instructors is so long). This is one of the reasons that we provide bonuses to reward our instructors for being loyal and responsible.

If you cannot be supremely confident of your ability to live up to such a commitment, then we can not hire you as an instructor. Before applying for this position, please carefully consider your availability and how it might change over the course of the year.

The Pre-Hiring Process

While all employers look for energetic, enthusiastic, and amicable employees, these qualities are essential for IMACS instructors, whether around young children, their parents, or fellow employees. Other qualifications include the following:

  • An aptitude for logical reasoning and mathematical thinking is an absolute requirement.
  • A Bachelor’s degree is required.
  • Prior teaching experience is desired, but not required.
  • Applicants must speak English clearly and fluently.
  • Applicants must commit to the desired availability through May 2020.

Step 1: Fill out the application submission form here.

Step 2: If IMACS wishes to pursue the pre-hiring process with you, you will be contacted. A preliminary phone interview will take place.

Step 3: You will take the online IMACS pre-training test. Passing this test is an absolute requirement.

Step 4: A paid 2-hour in-person interview, which includes a preliminary “training & evaluation” session where you will learn to teach a particular IMACS lesson and then role-play teach the lesson to “students” (played by IMACS trainers). Applicants are paid a $100 stipend.

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