Free Placement Class FAQ

The IMACS mathematics enrichment program is a multi-level program for above-average to talented children in grades 1-6. Students are placed by ability and must, therefore, complete the placement process prior to registration.

Have questions? Frequently asked questions about the placement process can be found below.

The Placement Process

  • What is the goal of the placement process? To learn how to best serve your child with an appropriate level of challenge.
  • Can every child do IMACS? IMACS is intended for advanced and talented students; however, some children who haven’t reached their potential or need extra support in math find they benefit from the fun, engaging and intuitive way that math is taught in the IMACS program. The placement process can help us and you determine whether our program is appropriate for your child.
  • How does the placement process work? The free placement process consists of four steps:
    1. Register your child for pre-placement preparation via https://imacs.org/home/free-placement-class.
    2. Your child spends 20-30 minutes online working through our pre-placement prep activities.
    3. Parent and student together attend an IMACS placement class via the Zoom video conferencing platform.
    4. IMACS provides a placement recommendation for the appropriate math enrichment level for your child.

Pre-Placement Preparation

  • What is the purpose of pre-placement preparation? To introduce students to the main components of the IMACS math enrichment curriculum and to give us a preliminary indication of your child’s intuitive mathematical abilities.
  • What should I do to prepare my child for this? Nothing!
  • How long does pre-placement prep take? About 20-30 minutes.
  • What does pre-placement prep consist of? Three videos, each followed by a number of fun puzzles.
  • Can I participate in pre-placement prep? We strongly recommend that you allow your child to solve the puzzles unaided, since this gives the IMACS instructor better insight into the intuitive abilities of your child. However, feel free to observe while your child works through these activities! You may find the videos interesting since they demonstrate some of the techniques and concepts that are covered in IMACS math enrichment classes. In addition, the extent to which your child is engaged by the puzzles will provide you with insight into whether an IMACS math enrichment class may be right for your child.
  • Must pre-placement prep be done in a single sitting? Yes, we strongly recommend students work through these 20-30 minutes of activities in a single setting.
  • Does my child have to solve all the puzzles? No. However, we suggest that your child attempt all the puzzles. When a student can’t solve a puzzle, one or more hints are provided. Students can choose to move on after a few tries.
  • What type of device and browser are recommended? We recommend using a Chrome or Firefox browser on a desktop or laptop with a pointing device. If using an iPad, place it in landscape mode for the best results.

IMACS Placement Class via Zoom

  • What is the purpose of the placement class? When combined with information from the pre-placement course, it allows the IMACS instructor to recommend the appropriate math enrichment level for your child.
  • When can I schedule the placement class? After your child completes the pre-placement activities, you will receive an email with details on how to schedule your free placement class.
  • When are the placement classes? There are multiple placement classes scheduled each week, on various days and at various times to accommodate parent schedules.
  • How long does the placement class take? About 45 minutes.
  • Should I watch the placement class? Do I have to? While you don’t have to, we strongly encourage you to! Watching the class will give you information that will be useful when deciding whether to enroll your child in an IMACS math enrichment course. For example, you will observe
    1. The engaging and effective IMACS approach to teaching logic, reasoning, and problem-solving;
    2. The extent to which your child is engaged; and
    3. The unmatched teaching ability of IMACS instructors.
  • How will I learn the recommended enrichment level? IMACS will contact you by email shortly after your placement class finishes.

Was your question not answered? Please contact us by calling toll-free 1-866-634-6227 in the USA, or 954-791-2333, or by email at parentrelations@imacs.org. We look forward to hearing from you!