EMF Opens Up a Whole World of Math for Gifted Students

Krisztina Tolotti was a top student in the EMF Math program at her public middle school. As a 9th grader, she plans to enroll in math courses at the University of Florida through the early dual enrollment program that UF offers exclusively to her school district’s EMF graduates.

Upon completing EMF, Krisztina sent IMACS the following email highlighting the significant advantages that she gained learning math the EMF way.


Thank you so much for such an amazing math program that I am honored to be a part of. Over these last years, EMF has and still does mean a lot to me, and taught me what math truly is about. What I find funny is that whenever I get asked what kind of math I am doing, I always have a hard time explaining.

EMF is not so simplified where you learn, say, Geometry isolated and by itself for a year.

EMF teaches math the way it should be taught: concept by concept, and exploring it in detail, no matter where that detail takes us.

I still remember my very first EMF problem, figuring out a message that was encoded and wondered what craziness had I gotten myself into. Turns out, that craziness has led way farther than I thought and opened my eyes to a whole world of math, dedication, and perseverance.

There were times when EMF was tough, as it should be for a middle schooler reaching undergraduate-level pure math. But I enjoyed this entire experience because the tough times just made the rest even more worthwhile.

And now I am officially an EMF Graduate! Thank you so very much for such an amazing and wonderful curriculum.

EMF Graduate Krisztina Tolotti

Additional Commentary by EMF Graduates