Discrete Math Puts the “Plus” in EMF Pre-Algebra Plus

EMF Math’s Pre-Algebra Plus bundle is on sale for $270 during August 2019. That’s 25% off the regular bundle price, or 50% off the total price if courses are purchased individually. Pre-Algebra Plus comes with a 300-day enrollment period. Enroll at

You don’t need to pay upwards of $1000 to have your mathematically talented child complete all of pre-algebra and also learn numerous topics from discrete math such as counting and probability. That’s what the “Plus” in Pre-Algebra Plus is for!

What is Discrete Math?

Discrete math is generally considered to be the study of mathematical objects that are “discrete” as opposed to “continuous.”

For example, objects that are countable are part of discrete math. Calculus, which deals with objects that can vary continuously, is not part of discrete math.

Pre-Algebra Plus covers the following mind-expanding topics from discrete mathematics:

  • Elementary Group theory.
  • Set theory.
  • Relations and functions.
  • Combinatorics.
  • Probability.
  • Number theory.
  • Mathematical logic.
  • Induction.

Pre-algebra topics are covered but in more sophisticated ways that demonstrate applications of discrete math concepts. This approach appeals to advanced math students, especially those who want to go deeper.

Benefits of Discrete Mathematics

The main benefits of studying discrete math are that the student develops a deeper understanding of mathematics, as well as the ability to solve novel problems.

Concepts from discrete math are the fundamental building blocks for many branches of mathematics. For talented students, understanding these concepts makes learning middle and high school math trivial and undergraduate-level math highly accessible.

Read about more benefits here.

How is This Low Price Possible?

First, the curriculum developers behind EMF Math have been teaching discrete math to young, gifted learners in classrooms and online for over 40 years. With that comes a certain efficiency in understanding what works.

Second, EMF Math is a self-study program with an online Help Forum. When students need help, they work through their questions primarily with more advanced EMF students and EMF Tutors. (Tutors are EMF graduates who earn volunteer service hours for answering questions on the Help Forum.) This creates a unique community, a sort of “ecosytem,” of like-minded young people who share a love of math.

EMF Math is best suited for highly advanced, self-motivated students who are ready for this kind of learning environment.

Click here to enroll your child in EMF Math’s Pre-Algebra Plus! Discount valid for new students enrolling during August 1-31, 2019. Not applicable to prior enrollments.

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