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A Whole New Classroom Experience

Courses taught at the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) are unlike any other classes your child has ever taken.

IMACS Advanced Mathematics Student

Curriculum for each program was developed by the IMACS Curriculum Development Group (CDG), which consists of mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, technical editors, graphic designers and programmers.

IMACS students develop – through meticulously designed challenges – a well-founded confidence rooted in genuine advancement of their reasoning skills.

Math Enrichment

With its carefully crafted curriculum and deeply trained instructors, the Math Enrichment Program employs lively and innovative methods of teaching higher level math and advanced logical reasoning skills.

IMACS Math Enrichment gives kids a unique opportunity: To learn to think as many of the brightest minds do – with the precision of a scientist or a doctor and the creativity of a novelist or a composer – and apply that skill to wherever their interests lie.

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Computer Programming

In the IMACS Computer Programming & Virtual Robotics Program, students learn to write computer programs and then apply their skills in the Virtual Robotics Lab. They use wheels, gears and sensors to design, build and program their own virtual robots!

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University-Level Courses

A true university-level course in computer science and mathematical logic, students go well beyond the traditional introductory courses. Designed for talented secondary school students, its graduates are several steps ahead of their peers in college.

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Other Curriculum

Some courses at IMACS are offered exclusively in our Hi-Tech Summer Camp and Homeschool Program. These courses include our Chess, Fine Art, and Electronics courses.

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