The Negative Effects of Homework Help

The Negative Effects of Homework Help

Have you ever been asked for homework help and or offered to help someone with theirs? Most parents worldwide have been on both sides of this situation. In a thought-provoking article published in The New York Times titled “But I Want to Do Your Homework,” Judith Newman shares her experience of overediting her 12-year-old son’s … Continue Reading

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3 Reasons Why Summer Camps Matter For Students

At IMACS, we firmly believe there are many long-lasting reasons why STEM Summer Camps matter to students. While outdoor adventures are undoubtedly important, there are invaluable benefits of incorporating educational summer camp into your child’s schedule. Here’s why parents ought to consider STEM Summer Camps for their children. Retain Knowledge with Summer Camps Use it … Continue Reading

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Computational Thinking for Kids: A Guide to Fun and Engaging Activities

There is a growing trend of initiatives that aim to introduce computational thinking and other computational concepts to young children. One notable example is MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarten group, which is actively developing programming software designed for children from preschool through second grade. There are even board books introducing HTML and CSS concepts to babies, although … Continue Reading

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Ryan Newton, Computer Science professor and IMACS alum

Ryan Newton, a computer science professor at Purdue University, began taking IMACS university-level mathematics and computer science classes the summer before sixth grade. After many years in IMACS, Ryan graduated college in three years, earned a PhD in computer science from MIT, and pursued an academic career in programming languages research. He also leads a … Continue Reading

Students Thrive Online in Unexpected Ways

Some Online Enrichment Programs are Stronger Than Before COVID-19 When schools closed abruptly in 2020 and moved to online instruction, many parents became sudden home school tutors. Kids missed face-to-face social interaction. Educators worried about how to help students who were falling behind. Things weren’t easy. As a result, remote learning has become a euphemism … Continue Reading

Math Careers: Your Child’s Secret Weapon for Future Success

In the modern workforce, math careers have expanded beyond traditional boundaries, and the role of mathematics is essential in various professions.“Do our children need to excel in math if they aren’t pursuing a STEM career?” The answer is a resounding “Yes”. Mastering mathematics proves beneficial across professions because it instills problem-solving skills and analytical prowess, … Continue Reading

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IMACS Success Spotlight: Kate Maier

Kate was an IMACS student from first through eighth grade. She completed all levels of our Math Enrichment Program, then successfully completed our Computer Enrichment curriculum as well as University Computer Science. She was accepted into the highly competitive FAU High School program, which is associated with Florida Atlantic University. After four years there, she … Continue Reading

Fun and Educational Logic Games for Kids

During this time of the year, many parents begin to look for fun and educational logic games for kids and we thought it would be timely to share some of our favorites. Playing enables children to gain insights about the world and themselves. It also equips them with essential abilities crucial for academic pursuits, professional … Continue Reading

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Why Girls in STEM are Needed Now More than Ever

In a world driven by technology and innovation, the need for diverse voices from women in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field has never been more critical. While great strides have been made towards gender equality, there is still a gender gap in STEM careers. According to a 2023 study done by MIT, … Continue Reading

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IMACS Success Spotlight: Apoorva Panidapu

As a homeschool student, Apoorva had the flexibility to study computer science anywhere, ultimately opting to take classes with IMACS. She excelled in our University Computer Science and AP Computer Science A courses during high school and went on to earn exceptional scores of 36 on the ACT and 1570 on the SAT. When it … Continue Reading

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Mandee Adler, IMACS Parent and College Counseling Expert

IMACS parent and world-renowned college counseling expert, certified educational planner, and author of several books on such topics, Mandee Heller Adler, took the time to visit our corporate office and to write the following testimonial to express her gratitude for the role IMACS played in her daughter’s life. As my oldest daughter, Rebecca, heads to … Continue Reading

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IMACS Success Spotlight: Isaac Brown

Isaac started with IMACS in first grade. In his time at IMACS, Isaac completed all five levels of our Mathematics Enrichment curriculum before going on to complete Computer Enrichment and both of our University Computer Science courses. Scoring a 36 on the ACT and a 1580 on the SAT, Isaac has been the recipient of … Continue Reading

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IMACS Success Spotlight: Samantha Carozzi

Samantha started IMACS in 1st grade and completed all five levels of the IMACS Math Enrichment Program during elementary school. In middle school she studied IMACS University Computer Science and was part of the second cohort of public school students to complete the Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF) math program for highly gifted and talented … Continue Reading

7-year-old boy enjoys IMACS's online Math Enrichment program

Video Testimonial: Twins Build a Strong Foundation in Math

At IMACS, we’re committed to providing the best STEM education for kids. That’s why we were thrilled to hear about Emily’s experience with our Math Enrichment classes. Emily, an HR operations director, her husband Brian, an iOS app developer, and their twin 7-year-old boys live in St. Louis, MO. The boys have had a blast … Continue Reading

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Artificial Intelligence: Today’s computer science pedagogy and tomorrow’s technology

In a recent TED talk, Andy Chan spoke about AI, the revolutionary new technology that promises to transform how people across the world work and learn. We are living in a watershed moment where software like ChatGPT has evolved to a degree that it may aid our endeavors in unprecedented ways. This type of innovation … Continue Reading