Enroll in a FREE Class today!

Enroll in a FREE Class today!

Is Your Child Gifted?

If YES, you should know about IMACS!

The Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) has been teaching talented students for 30+ years. Successfully.

Very successfully! … just read about our amazing graduates.

Then try a free IMACS class with your child to see how we’ve been enriching the education of gifted students with fun and challenging logic-based activities for decades.

IMACS Makes Better Thinkers for Life

Our online math enrichment program ignites a love of learning and builds lifelong reasoning skills that are invaluable at every stage of life.

  • No memorization
  • No teaching to tests
  • Students are grouped by ability, not age
  • Real Thinking, Real Challenge, Real FUN!

By filling in the form below, we’ll send a link to our free, interactive problem-solving experience. We’re confident that your child will love it!

Experience IMACS for yourself

Try a free math enrichment placement class
See the program in action. At the end of the free class, we’ll recommend the perfect starting point within the IMACS program for your child.

What to Expect from IMACS

Our online Math Enrichment program offers a fun, interactive, and challenging curriculum for children in grades 1-6.

The program includes:

  • Live Zoom classes that incorporate challenging puzzles, interactive activities, and team games
  • Small class sizes ensure that each student gets attention from the instructor
  • A point system that rewards students for their hard work and participation in class
  • Recorded video lessons that provide stimulating instruction on mathematical reasoning and logic-based thinking
  • Innovative digital worksheets that provide immediate feedback to students

It’s perfect for gifted children who are bored with their classwork as well as for those with untapped academic potential.

What to Expect from IMACS

IMACS Student Brady

What Parents Say

My 7-yr old has been with IMACS for a few months. Their online classes are very interactive, never redundant, and always allow my son to take away something productive at the end of each class. My son has flourished since being involved in the program. Not only is he gaining academic skills, he is also quite honestly enjoying each class. It’s a definite win-win!! If you are looking to enrich, enhance, supplement , and / or challenge your children , I would highly recommend IMACS. You will not be disappointed. – Rose Biggar

Is Your Child Ready to Start the Program?

In just 20 to 30 minutes, you’ll know if your child is ready for the online IMACS program and if he or she will LOVE it. Sign up for the fun, free, interactive problem-solving experience that prepares your child for the placement class where your child will get to experience what it’s like to participate in IMACS! It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard of before! Classes are held via Zoom and you can pick a date and time that works for you.