AP® Computer Science A Exam is a Breeze for Gifted eIMACS Student

Shiva Oswal is a long-time distance learning student with IMACS. He started with the EMF Math online curriculum in 2013 and more recently focused on learning computer science through eIMACS. What follows is a guest post from Shiva describing his experiences preparing for and taking the AP® Computer Science A exam.


For the past three years, I have taken computer science classes offered by eIMACS. I enjoyed the University Computer Science courses, UCS1 and UCS2, and most recently completed the AP® Computer Science: Java Programming course.

In my opinion, the materials in the eIMACS AP® CS course target a level above and beyond the AP® CSA exam. The eIMACS labs were taught in a fun and highly engaging manner and helped me to hone my Java programming skills.

When I did need help, I was able to reach out to my instructor who promptly answered my questions. I appreciated having ready access to a high quality mentor who provided prompt and precise feedback whenever I needed it.

The practice tests contained within the course are harder than the actual AP® exam; this helped me to be exceptionally well prepared.

In the end, I was able to complete the multiple-choice section of the AP® exam in under 40 minutes and the free-response section in under 30 minutes! Earning a “5” on the AP® exam turned out to be a breeze!!

I also made time for and completed the course supplement, which is an advanced tutorial on Android app development.

Completing this course has opened up an entirely new world for me. Because of the expertise I acquired in this course, I was recently invited to be a Teaching Assistant of a Java programming course at a prestigious computer science summer camp in the Silicon Valley.

Thank you eIMACS!


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