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Give Your Child an Unfair Advantage

Computer programming. Bio-medicine. Financial Services. Engineering. All of these high paying careers have one thing in common. They require a mastery of mathematics and the ability to apply logic, critical thinking and creative reasoning.

Math and Logic Puzzle

Unfortunately, most schools don’t teach students how to think logically or creatively. Instead the focus is on teaching to standardized tests that only require memorization of formulas and facts.

The good news is that, at the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS), we offer an alternative where your child can develop strong logic and reasoning skills used to solve complex problems.

IMACS students use these skills to succeed in their academic and professional careers in a way that most of their peers simply cannot.

Starting in elementary school, IMACS students are introduced to advanced mathematical concepts in a fun and engaging environment. While IMACS graduates find themselves with more knowledge than their peers, the real advantage is in their ability to apply that knowledge.

In fact, when it comes to the real tough courses in college – the ones where even the "naturally bright" students struggle – IMACS graduates approach the new material with a well-founded confidence and the ability to relate new ideas to more comfortable ones.

Teaching Children Advanced Mathematics

Many IMACS students are accepted to the most prestigious universities including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford and Cornell. Some now work for Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and IBM.

Give your child an unfair advantage in life: enroll him or her in an IMACS program where students learn to think deeply and creatively. These skills will translate to all areas of your child's academic and professional life.

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