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For 30+ years, IMACS has been offering various academic enrichment classes for gifted kids and teens that help them achieve success in their academic and professional careers. We mix an extraordinary curriculum, engaging instructors, and a healthy dose of fun to help IMACS students build lifelong critical thinking abilities.

IMACS was born out of the mathematics education research period starting in the mid-1960’s and which led to elementary and secondary school curricula for talented students, of which the Challenge series based on the CSMP (Comprehensive School Mathematics Project) and the Elements of Mathematics series from Project MEGSSS (Mathematics Education for Gifted Secondary School Students) are the most well known. IMACS was founded in 1993 with the goal of making these available to talented mathematics students as an after-school enrichment program.

What started with just 37 students in Plantation, Florida grew steadily to over 1,000 local students at four dedicated teaching centers, and seven on-site school locations across South Florida. It wasn’t long before IMACS had teaching locations throughout the United States. IMACS is also among the pioneers of distance-learning programs for precocious youth, having launched its first online course in 1998. Since then, over 30,000 students across the world have benefited from studying IMACS’ online curriculum. Today, all classes are online!

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