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IMACS Live! provides a unique opportunity for students who desperately need a challenge worthy of their ability and for those with untapped and unseen academic skills.

The IMACS classes so many know and love have been updated for online accessibility. IMACS Live!

No need to waste time driving to the next class! Our classes are 100% online & interactive with our fun and highly trained IMACS Live! instructors. We also offer pre-recorded video lessons and online worksheets in addition to these live Zoom lessons. Going on 27 years, we still incorporate the same rigorous instruction and brain-teasing competition that keep our students engaged and moving forward.

As an added bonus, it’s now available to students worldwide!

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Image shows a chalkboard with chalk doodles. A yellow paper note reads "What do you get when you combine math, computer science, philosophy, and linguistics? Mathematical logic!"

From Aristotle to Apple: how mathematical logic shapes the world we live in.

What is mathematical logic? What do you get when you combine math, computer science, philosophy, and linguistics? Mathematical logic! The big goal of mathematical logic…

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Book cover of the mathematical textbook, "About Mathematics" by Gerry Rising. Book cover has book title and several images that represent mathematics like a chalkboard with equations.

Discover how "About Mathematics" is Flipping the Traditional Math Textbook on its Head

A College Mathematics Text For Everyone About Mathematics, by State University of New York Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus Gerry Rising, together with three colleagues, is…

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EMF exposed Krisztina Tolotti to a whole new world of advanced mathematics.

EMF Opens Up a Whole World of Math for Gifted Students

Krisztina Tolotti was a top student in the EMF Math program at her public middle school. As a 9th grader, she plans to enroll in…

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