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Weekly Summer Sessions

Fun and Exciting Summer Programs for Talented Thinkers!

Our Summer Classes consist of individual week-long online, interactive, instructor-led classes. There are several classes to choose from including Logic Puzzles, Computer Programming, and University-Level Courses.

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Weekly Summer Sessions

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Featured Alumnae: Naomi Spargo

naomi-grad naomi

Meet Naomi Spargo

Congratulations Naomi - From IMACS in the 5th Grade to Carnegie Mellon!

"IMACS helped me to discover my passion with courses that encourage creative problem solving and offer a deep, meaningful understanding of the material. If it weren’t for IMACS, I might never have realized that I like math!"

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Featured Program: Mathematics Enrichment

The online IMACS Math Enrichment program is perfect for above average to gifted elementary school and middle school students.

Whether your child excels at math and is ready for greater challenges, has lost their excitement for math, or seems indifferent to math, IMACS can help them reach their full potential.

For 30+ years, our program has introduced thousands of students to advanced mathematical concepts in an engaging way. Our students learn sophisticated math skills not taught in common secondary school classes, and most importantly have fun!

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Featured Program: Mathematics Enrichment


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