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Making Better Thinkers for Life

For over 25 years the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) has been giving students an outlet for reaching their highest potential in math, computer science and logical reasoning.

Many IMACS graduates go on to vastly outperform the expectations of their parents, teachers and professors.

In fact, some of our students are taking college-level courses by the time they reach middle school.

Your child will love IMACS classes because they are interactive and fun! Each student is challenged by ability level, not by age, using games, logic puzzles, virtual robotics, and other engaging activities.

Through these challenges, IMACS students develop logical reasoning skills far beyond their most advanced peers. For the rest of their lives, whether in school, at work or at play, IMACS graduates simply think better.

IMACS classes are for students who desperately need a challenge worthy of their ability and for those with untapped and unseen academic skills. Our courses provide a unique and unfair advantage for your child.

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